The PivotPreneur Show – Podcast

The PivotPreneur Podcast

(Woodbury, MN) — The PivotPreneur Show comes to us from Woodbury.    It includes a quick listen Monday Motivation segment and a longer play conversationalist episode on Thursdays.  Here’s the quick synopsis from the website:

The PivotPreneur Podcast with Todd Stocker helps you pivot into meaningful and purposeful work. Todd was a Pastor who pivoted into owning a multi-million dollar real estate business. His podcast can help you discover, develop, and deploy your purpose so that you can pivot into work that you love. Better work, better life. Todd’s experience in multiple business areas combined with his welcoming and humorous approach will motivate you to begin the pivot journey and move from frustration to inspiration!

Todd started his career in business working for an international resort chain and pivoted into sales and marketing for a large airline. Sensing a ministry call into church work, Todd spent the last decades starting, leading, and coaching churches and church leaders, while owning and running a real estate investment company. Today, Todd continues serving and coaching leaders and churches and consults clients in the sale and purchase of homes and properties.

Common Themes Include: Personal Development, Mindset, Careers, Job, Consulting, Business, Coaching.

You can find the podcast at the PivotPreneur Website, and your favorite poscast sites including Apple Podcasts,



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