Twin Cities Mother and Son Spread Positivity With Purpose for National Day of Encouragement

EnKourage Kards Penny and Kyle

Family business offers original “cards with a cause” to lower disability-related employment barriers and support nonprofits

(Hanover, MN) – Sept 10th, 2022 – If there was ever a day that was built for a greeting card, it’s this Monday September 12th .   Monday is the National Day of Encouragement.

A mother and son duo from Hanover, MN have built a business helping to encourage others.    Penny and Kyle Kauffman started EnKourage Kards.   This Twin Cities based family business started both out of necessity and opportunity.   You see Kyle has down Syndrome.   His Mom, Penny, wanted to encourage him and provide gainful employment.   This is not an easy thing.

Individuals living with Down Syndrome and other forms of disability often face employment barriers.  The national unemployment rate for people with disabilities is more than double the rate for people without disabilities as of August 2022, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.   More than 40% of unemployed people have reported facing a barrier to employment, as per the agency.

EnKourage Kards Design

The goal of EnKourage Kards is to provide employment for additional Minnesotan’s with disabilities.  It’s a true family company. All of the cards are designed by Kyle’s graphic designer sisters, Lindsey and Carly.   The unique designs are inspired by Down Syndrom, also know as Trisomy 21.   Some designs feature 21 flowers, the 21st chromosome, and even Kyle’s unique fingerprint.

The mother and son duo founded EnKourage Kards to do something positive with a purpose encouraging the simple gesture of sending a personal, handwritten card.

About EnKourage Kards

EnKourage Kards is family business led by mother-and-son duo Penny and Kyle Kauffman, based in Hanover, Minn. The mission-based company designs and prints original “cards with a cause” incorporating nods to Down Syndrome in honor of Kyle. The Kauffmans founded the company on the simple yet powerful concept that even the simple gesture of sending a personal, handwritten card can be a powerful act of encouragement. In addition to providing meaningful employment for Kyle, EnKourage Kards supports the disability community through regular donations to disability organizations. Cards are available for purchase at


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