Solifi releases the 2022 Global Leasing Report

Solifi releases the 2022 Global Leasing Report

The Global Leasing Report, prepared by Solifi is the definitive guide to the world’s top 50 leasing markets, established for over 30 years.

(Minneapolis MN) — March 2, 2022 — This year’s Global Leasing Report is an exciting update for the industry, covering the status of global leasing markets in the months following the breakout of COVID-19. This one-of-a-kind report provides the data leasing firms need to understand the trajectory of the market. Solifi, in partnership with the World Leasing Yearbook, is pleased to provide this at no cost, downloadable on the Solifi website.

The pandemic has borne some unexpected leasing market positivity for a few countries, though the challenges of the period have taken a toll on the industry as a whole. Few countries reported positive growth, though these were dotted across several regions, such as India (+9.68%), Colombia (+87%), Greece (+15%), and China (+11.94%). The Asia region as a whole maintained a moderate level of growth through 2022, achieving +3.9% of market share from the previous year, while other regions did not perform as well.

The effects of the pandemic have been felt by a majority of global markets. Some of the largest markets experienced negative growth through 2020, including the UK (-19.65%), Australia (-11.76%), and Japan (-14.20%). The U.S. experienced -7% growth, while the North America region as a whole – though it remains the world’s biggest leasing market – experienced a 1.9% loss of global market share over the year.
“The Global Leasing Report continues to form a key educational resource for country and regional leasing market performance to date,” said David Hamilton, CEO at Solifi and author of the foreword of the report. “Solifi and the World Leasing Yearbook continue to invest in research to capture these critical leasing market changes; off the back of this year’s insights, we anticipate next year will be a fascinating study of global efforts to resume our everyday lives and livelihoods.

Hamilton continued, “To date, our research suggests that organizations are recouping the losses of the early pandemic. We expect to see a significant market recovery to pre-2020 volumes through the rest of this year.”
In these unusual circumstances for the industry, awareness of market challenges and opportunities will be vital. To download the Solifi Global Leasing Report, visit the Solifi website now.

About the Global Leasing Report
The Solifi Global Leasing Report features data on international leasing volume and growth by region, market penetration, GDP penetration ratios, and market shares, as well as a unique ranking of the top 50 leasing markets by size. The Global Leasing Report is prepared by Solifi in association with the World Leasing Yearbook.

About the World Leasing Yearbook
This report is an extract from the complete Global Leasing Report, which is part of the 336-page World Leasing Yearbook. To obtain the full report, you can purchase the World Leasing Yearbook 2022 in digital or hardback formats at

About Solifi
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