Liquid Screen Design Named Best Places to Work

Liquid Screen Design Named Best Places to Work


Stress is never going to go away so we decided to make yoga and mindfulness part of our staff routine. It’s a great way for everyone to breathe and take some time for themselves” — Benji Bearman

(Minneapolis, MN)  — March 17th, 2022 —  Liquid Screen Design (LSD) celebrates a major milestone and impressive achievement having been named to the ‘Best Places to Work in the Promotional Products Industry” of 2021 by ASI Counselor Magazine.

The Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) serves a network of 25,000 suppliers, distributors, and decorators in the $23.2 billion promotional products industry. Counselor Magazine is the voice of the promotional products industry, delivering award-winning content to executive-level distributors and owners.

“Our mission statement”, says Benji Bearman, Liquid Screen Design’s co-owner, “is to reinvent how people swag with clever products, design, and focus, inspiring their audiences to action. And there is no way to do that without having a staff that is second to none in their own inspiration.” Adds Bryan Goltzman, Liquid Screen Design’s other owner, “We spend hours each month on culture and how to build our culture to better serve our customers. Being employee-centric is the key to our success. The more time we spend cultivating a great team the more benefit we see translated to our customers”.

By the summer of 2020, as the pandemic continued with no end in sight, Liquid Screen Design began to see the stress fatigue of its staff. In addition to the benefits they already offered, LSD increased the frequency of company lunches for their staff and also started bi-weekly guided meditation and yoga. “Almost immediately we could see the anxiety melting away,” says Bearman. “Stress is never going to go away so we decided to make yoga and mindfulness part of our staff routine on the first and third Friday of the month. It’s a great way for everyone to breathe and take some time for themselves”, adds Goltzman.

While many have struggled to adapt to hybrid or completely remote work, Liquid Screen Design has been at the forefront of that change. The Liquid Screen Design team has always been remote but LSD took the working environment to the next step in late 2021 with a Sims-inspired virtual office: Gather simulates an office environment in order to foster more impromptu conversations and ideation. “It’s created an atmosphere of casual drop-ins,” says Goltzman. “We still use Slack, but this has replaced Zoom because we wanted more casual brainstorming. This platform is the future for everyone, even hybrid offices.”

In the next year, Liquid Screen Design is planning to continue to grow its staff and its culture. LSD will be placing a significant focus on continuing to make the company a great place to work, fostering creativity, personal growth, and rewarding career paths. LSD is currently looking to add two Branding and Swagging Consultants per quarter with an eye on team fit.

About Liquid Screen Design

Liquid Screen Design enables brands to tap into the power of creative swag, providing an innovative and unique way to further that brand’s purpose, tell its story, earn a loyal fanbase, and inspire action.
For over a decade, Liquid Screen Design has been the creative force behind the success of a multitude of brands. The company is known for its innovative ideas, unique products, custom swag solutions, swag boxes, online merch stores, and unbeatable service. Its team brings a wealth of experience to every project and is tapped into leading trends among a broad scope of audiences, enabling them to help each client get the most out of every campaign.
In today’s hyper-competitive market, businesses need creative ways to stand out and be remembered. Custom swag boxes offer a physical ‘in your face’ exciting array of products that grow awareness, inspire loyalty, and showcase creativity.
The company serves businesses, organizations, charities, governmental agencies, summer camps, individuals, and more.

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