Schwan’s Home Delivery  Change Name to Yelloh™

Schwans Changes Name Yelloh

Vibrant new name pays homage to 70-year history of personal connections in communities around the country and the brand’s iconic yellow delivery vehicles.

(Marshall, MN) — March 18, 2022  — Schwan’s Home Delivery, a pioneering food-delivery company in the United States, is continuing its commitment to reinvention by announcing its boldest move yet — a new name.

Say hello to Yelloh™!

Starting today, the Schwan’s Home Delivery name and brand identity will begin its transition to Yelloh. The new name and brand identity captures the company’s optimistic spirit and unabashed enjoyment of delivering delicious frozen food to millions of customers spanning three generations as a family-owned business. Yelloh will continue to operate under the ownership of the Schwan family and remain headquartered in Minnesota as it has for 70 years.

“Schwan’s Home Delivery was started in 1952 as a new business model for selling my family dairy’s ice cream,” said Paul Schwan, executive chairman of Yelloh. “Since the beginning, our can-do attitude coupled with a desire to meet people where they’re at is what has made our company so special. As Yelloh, we will continue to operate as the same solutions-focused food delivery service that keeps our customers’ freezers stocked and their families happily fed.”

“Bold, courageous change is in our company’s DNA, and evolving from Schwan’s Home Delivery to Yelloh is another exciting step in our journey,” said Joe Kirby, president and chief executive officer of Yelloh. “In addition to evoking our iconic yellow delivery vehicles, Yelloh is a greeting commonly used in place of ‘hello’ between people who are familiar with one another, and it felt right as we continue to evolve our company to meet the needs of our customers. Embracing personal connections that form between our people and the communities we serve has set us apart for seven decades and is our biggest advantage in the highly competitive food delivery marketplace.”

The transition to Yelloh will begin immediately and is expected to be fully implemented by the beginning of 2023. Current Schwan’s Home Delivery operations will proceed uninterrupted while the transition to Yelloh is applied to food packaging, delivery vehicles, uniforms, signage, print materials, digital and social media properties, and more. Current customers will continue to receive delivery from the brand’s friendly and trustworthy local team members in the company’s iconic yellow vehicles.

About Schwan’s Home Delivery & Yelloh
Schwan’s Home Delivery is a direct-to-consumer frozen food delivery company that provides customers with exceptionally delicious frozen foods for every mealtime occasion, including ice cream, pizza, premium meats and seafood, breakfast items, desserts and more. Based in Minnesota, the family-owned company has almost 4,000 dedicated employees and more than 300 local neighborhood centers nationwide delivering in their iconic yellow trucks to millions of customers each year. For additional information or to shop, visit To learn more about the transition to Yelloh, visit

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