Ellie Mental Health Releases Guide on How New Parents Can Benefit From Counseling

Ellie Mental Health Releases Guide on How New Parents Can Benefit From Counseling

(Mendota Heights, MN) — September 13, 2022 — Ellie Mental Health has released a guide on how new parents can benefit from counseling services. Becoming a new parent can be difficult as they must balance taking care of a child, their life changing, and possibly trying to be their best version.

Therapy can be a great way for new parents to get a sense of direction in their life if they’re feeling lost. Counseling can often help people experiencing several emotions while in a big life change. New parents are no exception.

Many parents will face a myriad of problems after they have the first excitement of having a baby. They may be dealing with the hormones and emotions post-birth or are feeling lost on how to be a parent. No matter the problem, Ellie Mental Health states that counseling can help parents deal with the stress and anxiety of becoming a parent.

The main problems that counseling can often solve for new parents include:

• Baby Blues: Having symptoms such as anxiety, overwhelm, sadness, irritability, crying, reduced appetite, and inability to sleep.
• Missing Instinct: Feelings as if parenting doesn’t come naturally to them.
• Sleep Anxiety: Having anxiety that doesn’t allow parents to have a full night’s rest.
• Career Remorse: Feelings of remorse or guilt for continuing working after having a baby and not being physically around to take care of the child.
• Parental Guilt: Experiencing guilt often associated with how the baby is sleeping, eating, quality time, going back to work, etc.
• Restoring Intimacy: Lacking intimacy within the romantic relationship with their partner and unsure how to reconnect.
• Unpacking Baggage: Having problems from their childhood that may have not been resolved and are affecting them as parents.

The guide covers how counseling can help new parents face these common issues. People can benefit from therapy and receiving help during a significant life change.

Ellie Mental Health is a firm believer in taking the time to better people’s mental health as it will improve their overall well-being. If someone is struggling with their mental health, they should consider contacting Ellie Mental Health on their website.

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