Ellie Mental Health Releases New Guide About Quiet Quitting and How to Create Balance in the Workplace

Ellie Mental Health Releases New Guide About Quiet Quitting and How to Create Balance in the Workplace

(Mendota Heights, MN) — November 14, 2022 — Ellie Mental Health just released a new guide about the nature of quiet quitting and how this phenomenon is awakening employers. Quiet quitting has become a growing trend since the pandemic began forcing people to reevaluate their worth and make tough decisions.

Employees have begun leaving behind long-held positions regardless of salary or pension. And this has largely to do with burnout, being overworked, underappreciated, and working in toxic environments. Across the country, many industries have seen these quiet resignations as warning signs that companies need to change the way they operate, and how they treat their employees.

Thankfully, quiet quitting can be avoided if an employer begins to put protocols in place to make a work culture more inviting and engaging. And this can be accomplished through a variety of creative strategies.

A few ways companies are beating the trend of quiet quitting are:

• Creating greater balance through flexible hours and remote options
• Offering employees competitive advantages
• Being flexible
• Encouraging creativity and collaboration

Quiet quitting is also a sign that a work environment simply doesn’t offer what an employee wants (or needs) in his or her life. And once a company recognizes that changes need to be made, progress away from quiet quitting then becomes possible.

Employees also want to be in good spirits when they head off to work. And when a company can ensure that an employee’s mental health needs are being met, this becomes an attractive feature for any prospective employee looking for a new job.

Creating a positive work environment where an employee’s needs and mental health are made a priority will help mitigate turnover and the trend of quiet quitting. But steps need to be implemented to meet this goal.

Ellie Mental Health is passionate about teaching individuals and companies how to cope with mental health issues and creating new ways to promote mental health in the workplace. And if you’d like to know more about quiet quitting or how to create a better work-life balance for your employees, you can reach out to Ellie Mental Health via their company website.


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