Ellie Mental Health Explores 10 Self-Esteem Activities for Building Confidence in Children

Building Confidence in Children

(Mendota Heights, MN) —  September 6, 2023 — Ellie Mental Health just released a new comprehensive guide that details 10 self-esteem activities for children to help build confidence. In the complex world of navigating emotions and changing technologies, building a strong foundation of self-esteem is essential for a child’s overall growth.

Parents, educators, and caregivers can all help contribute to a child’s overall belief in their abilities and help foster positive thinking – a key component to developing self-esteem at a young age. Adopting these attitudes early on will not only help empower children – but also help them navigate their social world with self-assurance.

10 self-esteem activities for children include:

• Speak Using Positive Affirmations
• Engage in Role Playing Activities for Self-Esteem
• Offer Age-Appropriate Chores
• Engage in Team Sports
• Create Goal Setting Activities
• Devise Daily Activities for Cultivating Gratitude
• Encourage Acts of Kindness
• Develop Emotional Awareness
• Recognize and Celebrate Achievements
• Develop Cultural Awareness and Appreciation Activities

Navigating the world can be challenging even for mid-career professionals. But when children are growing and learning, developing the confidence and self-assurance needed to overcome challenges is critical for a child’s future. And parents or caregivers are on the front lines when it comes to ensuring that children are meeting life’s obstacles head-on.

Additionally, through therapy, children can develop coping skills and work to improve their own self-awareness along with learning skills to help build self-esteem and develop a positive mindset.

Ellie Mental Health seeks to empower children dealing with poor self-esteem by offering the tools to help them succeed when navigating life’s challenges – whether dealing with social issues or more severe cases of depression and self-doubt. By offering vital information and therapeutic strategies, and by advocating for the need to build our children into the best they can be, at Ellie Mental Health, we have the professional guidance your child may need.

For more information, or to schedule an appointment at a clinic in your area, please visit the Ellie Mental Health website.

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