Ellie Mental Health Releases Guide on Five Coping Strategies for Dealing With Financial Stress in College

Ellie Mental Health Releases Guide on Five Coping Strategies for Dealing With Financial Stress in College

(Mendota Heights, MN) —  August 4, 2022 — Ellie Mental Health has released a guide on five coping strategies for dealing with financial stress in college. Attending college is expensive and can make some people feel stressed about their financial situation. This stress level can lead to physical or mental health problems that can affect someone’s daily life.People facing financial stress may be overworking themselves to meet their financial needs while still attending school. This can often lead to exhaustion, burnout, depression, or even dropping out of school. Additionally, if someone stresses about money, they may be more likely to delay getting health care or mental health treatment and opt for cheaper options such as fast food or skipping out on mental health treatments.

Learning healthy coping mechanisms can aid in someone avoiding feelings of burnout or depression. They can utilize these distressing techniques to help improve their quality of life and not worry about their financial situation.

One coping mechanism someone may utilize is ensuring they schedule a time to get some exercise and let off steam. Getting physical exercise can help relax the body and release stress.

Making a realistic budget and cutting down on wasteful spending can help ensure that someone has enough money to meet their needs and has savings for emergencies. They can also find a non-stressful job that can help make them some extra money.

Practicing general stress-management techniques will also allow the person to de-stress their financial situation and use these methods for all situations regarding their stress. They should also be willing to reach out to family and friends for emotional support.

Ellie Mental Health is a firm believer in taking the time to better people’s mental health as it will improve their overall well-being. If someone is struggling with their mental health, they should consider contacting Ellie Mental Health on their website


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