Benji Bearman Named 2022 Salesperson of the Year

Benji Bearman Named 2022 Salesperson of the Year

Liquid Screen Design Co-Owner Benji Bearman receives top honor in the promotional products industry

Over the years, I was someone who was purchasing swag all the time. We wanted to elevate and change the game.”    — Benji Bearman

(Minneapolis, MN) — April 6, 2022 — Liquid Screen Design (LSD) celebrates an impressive achievement as co-owner, Benji Bearman, being named as a 2022 Salesperson of the Year by the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI), which serves a network of 25,000 suppliers, distributors and decorators in the $23.2 billion promotional products industry.

In high school, Benji Bearman was named most likely to succeed in business. It fit the kid who, at the age of 10, set up a stand to sell his father’s retail store castoffs, and then later in college started a business selling swag and apparel to fraternities and sororities. “We had a website and we were getting several thousand hits a day,” recalls Bearman, the co-owner of Liquid Screen Design. “That was a lot. This was 1995, a whole different era.”

From there, Bearman put his entrepreneurial plans on hold, selling the business and embarking on a two-decade detour into nonprofit management, including a lengthy stint running a summer camp. By then, Bearman was ready for a change, and teamed up with friend and former co-worker Bryan Goltzman to take Liquid Screen Design from a side venture of Goltzman’s to a full-time endeavor. “There was a lot of excitement,” says Bearman, who lives in Skokie, IL, with his wife and three kids. “Over the years, I was someone who was purchasing swag all the time. We wanted to elevate and change the game.”

Bearman is making good on that high school prognostication. Liquid Screen ranked 12th on Counselor’s recent Best Places to Work list, and Bearman’s annual sales have soared nearly 400% since 2019.

“I am humbled and honored to be named to this list”, says Benji Bearman. “Our mission statement is to reinvent how people swag with clever products, design, and focus, inspiring their audiences to action. There is no way to do that without having a staff that is second to none in their own inspiration. This philosophy separates us from a lot of promotional products companies and speaks to our clients and partners. It makes selling easier when you are not selling something but creating together an experience.”

About Liquid Screen Design

Liquid Screen Design enables brands to tap into the power of creative swag, providing an innovative and unique way to further that brand’s purpose, tell its story, earn a loyal fanbase, and inspire action. For over a decade, Liquid Screen Design has been the creative force behind the success of a multitude of brands. The company is known for its innovative ideas, unique products, custom swag solutions, swag boxes, online merch stores, and unbeatable service. Its team brings a wealth of experience to every project and is tapped into leading trends among a broad scope of audiences, enabling them to help each client get the most out of every campaign.

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