Vikings Fans Have Curbed Their Enthusiasm

Minnesota Vikings least passionate fan

(Minneapolis, MN) — March 6th, 2023 — The Minnesota Vikings officially have one of the least passionate fanbases, 11% less passionate than the NFL average according to a new study.

NFL fans are some of the most devoted sports fans in the US. Over 17 million tune in to watch the games on TV, and many share their support for their team on social media as they watch. have analysed over 300,000 comments from fans under social media game day posts. These posts have been analyzed, using a sentiment analysis program, for their passion to show which fans are most passionate about their franchise.

You can find the full findings here –

Vikings fail to inspire their fans as much as the average NFL franchise

Team Compared to NFL Average Passion %
Vikings -11.63% 32.86%
Saints -7.79% 34.29%
Texans -7.38% 34.44%
Rams -6.36% 34.82%
Falcons -4.96% 35.34%

One of 12 teams to have never lifted the Vince Lombardi trophy the Vikings have struggled to inspire passion from their fans on social media, on average their posts being 11.63% less passionate that those of the average NFL fan.

They are followed by 2009 Super Bowl champions the New Orleans Saints, a year on from the Sean Payton era it is down to Dennis Allen to reinspire fans. Third from bottom are the Houston Texans, the newest side in the NFL not gathering the passion of some of the more historic franchises. Coming in fourth, LA Rams fans sit 7% less passionate than NFL averages, moving a team will always reduce the love fans have for the franchise and the 20 years stint in St Louis won’t have helped passion levels.

The Pats Most Passionate 

Plenty of success in recent years has given Patriots fans lots to shout about. The Brady-Belichick period earned the Pats six Super Bowl titles as well as making the final in another 3 finals. Their fans are 11.17% more passionate than the average NFL fanbase.

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