Minnesota Natives Provide 44% of Online Support for Vikings

Online Support for Vikings

(Minnesota) — April 11th, 2023 — A new study has found that only 44% of tweets for the Minnesota Vikings are from fans living in the state. The study also revealed 1 in 10 fans are from a neighboring state in South Dakota.

Betting.com have compiled over 1,000,000 tweets from NFL hashtags and analyzed the geotagged information to find out which teams get the highest percentage of support outside of their home state.

You can see the full findings here – https://betting.com/news/out-of-state-nfl-support

Minnesota natives only provide 44% of online support for Vikings

Team State % of Tweets State 2 % of Tweets State 3 % of Tweets
Minnesota Vikings Minnesota 43.96 South Dakota 10.48 Illinois 4.89


The Minnesota Vikings may have limited championship and divisional success but football fans across the United States and beyond are noticing the team in purple. Over 56% of fans are tweeting from outside Minnesota.

A lack of an NFL team in the Dakotas means many fans are turning to the next state over to provide their football fix. 1 in 10 Vikings fans are from South Dakota, the state’s highest contribution to any franchise in the league.



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