Remote Health Monitoring with BoundaryCare on Apple Watch Offers Enhanced Caregiver Communication

Remote Health Monitoring BoundaryCare


Caregivers are concerned about wandering & falls, and existing solutions were poorly designed & primitive. BoundaryCare changes that, providing peace of mind by sharing clear and actionable data.”   — Scott Carpenter, BoundaryCare co-founder

(Minneapolis, MN) — June 1, 2023 — What started as a personal need for a wife and mother diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease has now developed into BoundaryCare, an innovative way to foster aging-in-place and independence for vulnerable and older adults.

BoundaryCare can:

• Detect falls (and note the location of the fall).
• Recognize wandering events (through geo-fencing).
• Monitor health metrics, such as heart rate, A-fib, oxygen saturation, cardio fitness, sleep tracking.
• Promote independence, with medication reminders, direct phone calling to and from the watch, and charging reminders.

BoundaryCare goes well beyond the health and fitness data native to the Apple Watch by proactively sharing lifesaving information with caregivers.

This unique caregiver communication includes:

• Power: safe zones can be of any size or shape, and can even include “safe itineraries” for vulnerable adults who walk on their own or drive.
• Flexibility: multiple people can join the caregiver group, spreading the burdens of care.
• Customization: you decide what kinds of events should trigger alerts (wandering, falls, etc.), and set personalized thresholds for heart rate, oxygen levels, and more.

BoundaryCare requires a cellular-enabled Apple Watch paired with an iPhone. The app is downloadable from the Apple App Store, and monthly subscriptions start at $24.99. The cost is reimbursable under most long-term care insurance policies.

Twin Cities-based father/son duo Scott and Paul Carpenter are the creators of BoundaryCare. Scott, a professor at Carleton College since 1990, also ran a tech company from 1999 to 2010. Paul is a software engineer specializing in mobile platforms with experience working with innovative companies like Streeteasy, Pare-Up and Zillow. After learning firsthand about the trials of caregiving, they founded BoundaryCare.

“Caregivers are constantly concerned about wandering and falls, and existing solutions were poorly designed and primitive. BoundaryCare changes that, providing peace of mind by sharing clear and actionable data with caregivers. BoundaryCare helps older adults stay in their homes—which is where they want to be,” said Scott Carpenter, BoundaryCare co-founder.

BoundaryCare is already having a profound impact on the lives of seniors and their caregivers:

“BoundaryCare was a great aid to us and dad was walking a mile a day and living in his home alone and tracking him on the walks increased our comfort when we were away from him. He was 95 and enjoyed his daily one-mile walks, so your service was important to keep him and independent.” — William D.

“My dad has dementia and my mom has physical ailments that prevent her from following him around. This app was loaded onto his watch and now the kids, all over the country and locally, can work as a treat to keep an eye on him.” — Jodie W.

For more information about keeping your loved ones safe and healthy, visit:



BoundaryCare enhances the safety and independence of seniors through discreet monitoring. The app, available for the Apple Watch (and soon for Android), shares vital information with caregivers to improve the lives of seniors and keep them at home.



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