BoundaryCare Announces New Capability for Seizure Symptom Detection

BoundaryCare Seizure Symptom Detection


BoundaryCare’s Ultimate Kit now offers seizure symptom detection.

Our team has worked hard to create a solution that will easily and effectively monitor for seizure symptoms, making people safer and providing peace of mind for caregivers.”

— Paul Carpenter, BoundaryCare CEO

(St Paul, MN) —  June 20, 2024  — BoundaryCare, the leader in wearable technology solutions for people with disabilities, has announced the launch of the new BoundaryCare Ultimate Kit, including seizure symptom detection. Using a proprietary algorithm that incorporates peer-reviewed research on seizure-related movements, BoundaryCare can now identify convulsive motions typical of tonic-clonic (grand mal) seizures. This includes a sensitivity setting, enabling caregivers to tailor detection to their loved one’s unique needs, reducing the potential for false positives and negatives.

In addition to detecting tonic-clonic seizures, BoundaryCare can help detect absence seizures. By closely monitoring biometrics such as heart rate and oxygen saturation, along with factors like sleep quality and duration, BoundaryCare sends alerts to caregivers based on customized thresholds for seizure symptom detection.

“Concerns about potential seizures place enormous stress on caregivers and their loved ones. Our team has worked hard to create a solution that will easily and effectively monitor for seizure symptoms, making people safer and providing peace of mind for caregivers,” said Paul Carpenter, co-founder and CEO of BoundaryCare.

Because falls are common during seizures, BoundaryCare’s fall detection feature further enhances its seizure symptom detection capability. Like all BoundaryCare devices, the system is cell-enabled, so caregivers can call their loved one directly on their watch. A history of alerts and biometrics can also be downloaded from the BoundaryCare web portal, providing caregivers with valuable data to share with healthcare providers.

The seizure symptom detection feature is exclusively available with BoundaryCare Ultimate Kits, which utilize the Apple Watch Ultra. The Ultimate Kit offers twenty-four hours of intensive monitoring on a single charge. While BoundaryCare is not classified as a medical device, it is designed to assist caregivers in supporting individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD).

As reported by Charity K, a mother using BoundaryCare: “My son developed seizures where his breathing would become unregulated. His oxygen would dip down to 60, and he would have to be hospitalized regularly every time he had one. These seizures were silent, and there was no convulsing, so common seizure equipment could not detect his seizing. BoundaryCare can detect the dip in oxygen and the spike in the heart rate. We can choose an alert sound of our liking to make sure it will wake us up at night, and the alerts can also be sent to our own personal devices. We can sleep better at night knowing that we finally have a tool that can accommodate our child’s needs.”

BoundaryCare is covered in many states as Medicaid-financed assistive technology, available via a diverse range of providers, counties, and tech vendors.

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About BoundaryCare:

BoundaryCare, LLC, provides innovative wearable technology solutions to support individuals with disabilities. Our products enhance the quality of life for both individuals and their caregivers through advanced health monitoring and communication tools. Our smartwatch-based kits, integrated with an industry-leading app, offer a comprehensive solution for health monitoring, location tracking, behavior influence, and more. For more information, visit

BoundaryCare: A New Assistive Technology

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