National Eagle Center Leads Effort To Make The Bald Eagle America’s Official Bird

National Eagle Center

Legislation Introduced by Bipartisan Members of the U.S. House and Senate

(Wabasha, MN) —  June 20, 2024  — The National Eagle Center in Wabasha, MN and a bipartisan group of U.S. Senators and Members of the House of Representatives are leading the effort to make the bald eagle the country’s national bird.

“While most people assume the bald eagle is our nation’s official bird, the fact is our country doesn’t have an official bird,” said Preston Cook, Co-Chair of the National Bird Initiative for the National Eagle Center. “The bison is the national mammal, the rose is the national flower, and the oak is the national tree. It’s time the bald eagle, long revered as our national symbol, finds its rightful place as our country’s official national bird.”

There is confusion on this issue because on June 20, 1782, the Continental Congress installed the bald eagle on the front of the Great Seal. Since then, the bald eagle has been a favored representative of the country, second only to the American flag. While there is no record of what was said in Congress on the day the Seal was approved, it remains a fact that the bald eagle was not identified as the national bird.

The legislative effort is being led by U.S. Senators Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) and Cynthia Lummis (R-WY) and U.S. Representatives Brad Finstad (R-MN) and Angie Craig (D-MN). The initiative also has the support of the Midwest Alliance of Sovereign Tribes, which represents 36 indigenous nations and four tribal organizations.

“The bald eagle is a symbol of our country’s freedom and strength. In Minnesota, we are proud to call ourselves home to one of the largest populations of bald eagles in the country as well as the National Eagle Center in Wabasha,” said Klobuchar. “My bipartisan legislation will officially designate the bald eagle as our country’s National Bird.”

“There is nothing more American than a bald eagle soaring across the Wyoming sky,” said Lummis. “These majestic creatures have long been viewed as the official bird of this country and it is past time we made it official without costing taxpayers a single cent. As we approach the Fourth of July, I am thrilled to partner with Senator Amy Klobuchar to make the bald eagle the National Bird of the United States.”

“Since the founding of our nation, the bald eagle has existed as a symbol of our country’s independence, strength, and freedom,” said Rep. Brad Finstad (MN-01). “I am proud to introduce this legislation which will officially classify the bald eagle as the national bird – its proper place of honor as an integral part of our national identity.”

Symbol of America

“By officially designating the Bald Eagle as our national bird, Congress would reaffirm our nation’s dedication to conservation and environmental stewardship while honoring a symbol that holds a special place in the hearts of Americans nationwide, said John Wodele, Co-Chair of the National Bird Initiative for the National Eagle Center

“Through concerted conservation measures and the enactment of legislation such as the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act, the Bald Eagle population has rebounded, symbolizing our commitment to preserving our natural heritage for future generations,” said Jack Davis, Co-Chair of the National Bird Initiative for the National Eagle Center.

Lend your Support

The general public can add their support to the National Eagle Center’s effort by signing up on the website

About The National Eagle Center

The National Eagle Center is a unique educational and interpretive institution that has educated, enlightened, and entertained visitors from all 50 of the United States and 120 foreign countries since 1999. All of this takes place in Wabasha, MN, one of the most historic cities in Minnesota, on the banks of the Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife & Fish Refuge, designated the Eagle Capital of America.

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