APM Studios Announces Upcoming Slate of Podcasts for 2023 Featuring Diverse Voices

APM Studios Announces Upcoming Slate of Podcasts for 2023 Featuring Diverse Voices



Dan Leone, Mohsin Zaidi and Dalia Iskander Set to Host New Tentpole Series Showcasing a Variety of Perspectives 

(St Paul, MN)  – June 1, 2023 – APM Studios, a leading producer of public radio and podcast content, today announced a slate of podcasts scheduled for release beginning in June through October. The slate features a diverse range of voices and perspectives, including the story of two best friends grappling with a decision that could forever change their lives and relationship, a podcast about the ripple effects of major news events, and a children’s daily affirmations podcast.

“We believe that it is important to tell stories from a variety of perspectives,” said Joanne Griffith, CCO, APM Studios. “Our 2023 slate of podcasts reflects our commitment to diversity and inclusion and to providing our listeners with high-quality, thought-provoking content that engages and inspires them to think more deeply about our world and how we exist in it.”

  • “Charm Words” – Premieres June 1, 2023

APM Studios has signed a distribution deal with the award-winning podcast network and production company ABF Creative, led by CEO, Anthony Frasier. Under the deal, APM Studios will distribute “Charm Words” a daily affirmations podcast for children of diverse backgrounds that will help to inspire and bring self-worth to the forefront of young minds at the start and end of their day. “Charm Words” joins APM Studios’ successful kids and family library, which is now in its tenth year. “Charm Words” will also be part of Smarty Pass, APM Studios’ ad free subscription service for listeners that provides access to additional content beyond the free feeds. Other shows on Smarty Pass include, “Brains On”, “Smash Boom Best,” “Moment of Um” and “Forever Ago.”

  • “Tiny Huge Decisions” – Premieres August 2023

We all want our friends to be happy… but how far would you go to help? “Tiny Huge Decisions” follows two best friends, Mohsin and Dalia, as they make a relationship altering choice – will Dalia be the gestational carrier for Mohsin and his partner so they can have a child of their own? Mohsin grew up in a devout Muslim family where being gay was inconceivable and he couldn’t imagine living the life he dreamed of: to create his own family. He’s now met the love of his life, Matthew, and they want a child. When Mohsin’s best friend, Dalia, said she’d consider being a gestational carrier for him, he couldn’t believe it. In “Tiny Huge Decisions” listeners eavesdrop on Mohsin and Dalia’s conversations, processing and choices, as they grapple with the real question: is this the worst idea in the world, or the greatest gift a friend can give? “Tiny Huge Decisions” is hosted by Mohsin Zaidi and Dalia Iskander.

  • “Ripple” – Premieres October 2023

Every action causes a chain reaction, and in the case of major news events — mass shootings, earthquakes, terrorist attacks — the effects carry forward for months, years and decades, long after the news cameras and the public’s attention have moved on. “Ripple” is a new podcast series that traces these shockwaves across time and through the lives of individuals and communities, via multiple points-of-view: victims, first responders, eye witnesses, law enforcement, etc. As listeners hear these different perspectives and stories about the event, they will feel what it was like to live not just through the event, but with the event. “Ripple” is hosted by Dan Leone and produced by Western Sound.

APM Studios is committed to expanding its podcast offerings by amplifying diverse voices. Over the past year, APM Studios has been focused on making changes to better meet the demands of their increasingly diverse audience, including updates and expansions to their programming, especially those behind the microphone. In Fiscal Year 2023, 100 percent of hosts hired were persons of color.

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