May is Arbor Month – Picking the Right Tree

May is Arbor Month


You can plant and care for trees to make them more resilient!

(Minnesota) — May, 2022 — Minnesotans can plant resilient trees now to support resilient community forests into the future by thoughtfully choosing, planting, and caring for a diverse mix of trees.

Minnesota’s trees are being stressed by increasing pressure from changing temperatures and precipitation, and more extreme weather events. You can make your tree more resilient to these stressors by selecting a healthy tree adapted to changing climate conditions. By choosing a species that adds to the diverse mix of trees in your area, you improve the resilience of your community forest too!

Choosing trees that are resilient to a changing climate will help our community forests store carbon, improve air and water quality, and other benefits healthy trees provide. So, by planting a tree this Arbor day or Arbor month, you contribute to the efforts of others and together provide your community with health and other benefits of the urban forest.

Start by choosing a tree suitable for the location you will be planting it. Then make your tree more resilient by properly planting and caring for it.

Great resources for choosing, planting, and caring for trees

Governor’s Arbor Day and Arbor Month 2022 Proclamations

Best native yard trees for our changing climate

Need more ideas for a tree to plant? These brief videos explore Minnesota native trees that will do well in our changing climate: Best native yard trees for our changing climate

Watch a recording of our 2021 Ask a Forester live session from Arbor Day where our experts answered questions on planting and caring for trees in a changing climate.

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