Chippewa National Forest to Plant 2.1 Million Trees

Chippewa National Forest Eagles

(Grand Rapids, MN) — April 20, 2022 — This Earth Day, the National Forest Foundation (NFF) will enter the final fundraising year of the 50 Million For Our Forests campaign. Since its launch in 2018, the campaign has planted over 22 million trees on more than 77,000 acres of public National Forest land. Fundraising for the campaign will end in 2023, but we will have two additional years to plant all 50 million trees. (And don’t worry, we will continue planting after the campaign ends!)

We have a steady stream of projects lined up to meet our goal, including nearly 50 projects that will plant over six million trees on three dozen National Forests in 2022. Projects span the gamut of reforestation objectives, and will provide innumerable benefits to wildlife, people, and communities that depend on these forests for habitat, clean air and water, and so much more.

Forest Restoration and Diversity Planting on Minnesota’s Chippewa National Forest

Planting on Chippewa National Forest will support future habitat for nesting bald eagles

Numerous species of native seedlings will be planted on this lake-filled National Forest in northern Minnesota. The reasons for planting here are many, including recovery from wind events and insect and disease outbreaks, to enhance forest resilience and diversity, and to improve wildlife habitat. Chippewa National Forest has one of the highest breeding densities of American bald eagles in the lower 48, and large red and white pine trees – two of the many species to be planted – are great for nesting.  According to NFF, there are nearly 150 nesting Bald Eagles in the Chippewa National Forest.   It is expected that 2.1 Million trees will be planted over 2100 acres of the park in 2022.

Want more project information? Visit the planting map to see locations and seedling numbers for every 2022 tree planting project.

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