New Weight Loss Survey on the Mayo Clinic Diet Polled Over 200,000 Americans

Mayo Clinic Diet

Health is the #1 Aspiration for American Dieters Who Are Considering Weight Loss


(Rochester, MN) — May 23, 2022 – The New Mayo Clinic Diet, the official dietary program developed by the Mayo Clinic, today released key findings from its “Diet Mindset Assessment,” a survey of over 200,000 consumers in the U.S. about their mindsets when beginning a new diet program. The data was compiled and reviewed by Digital Wellness, a world-leading digital health platform that powers the world’s most renowned and trusted weight loss brands.

Here are some key findings of the survey:

  • Health is a key motivator. Approximately 83% of participants valued health above all other aspirations, which follows a global trend of health and wellness self-care, post COVID.
  • Health surpassed physical appearance as an aspiration by over 5x—a finding that is consistent within the survey in which respondents reported they are more intrinsically motivated to achieve a healthy weight rather than by external factors.
  • Over 55% of participants had dieted at least six times during their lifetime, indicating that Americans are seeking sustainable and sensible solutions to healthy weight management.

“It’s rather a unique survey because of its large scale, and that it explores the psychology of a dieter’s mindset,” said Donald D. Hensrud, MD, Medical Editor of “The Mayo Clinic Diet.” “We wanted to learn more about the motivations and aspirations around weight loss, and if a stage of readiness or sense of identity played a role in a diet program’s results.”

Mayo Clinic Diet

A total of 209,269 people completed the mindset questionnaire. Most were females (86%) who were between the ages of 31 and 70 years old, with an average age of 52 years. The average body mass index (BMI) of people who completed the questionnaire was 32.3, with 30% being classified as overweight and 56% as obese. In this sample, 40% had dieted 1-5 times in their lifetime and 22% had dieted 6-10 times. The survey was commissioned by Digital Wellness in collaboration with Mayo Clinic Press.

“The survey indicates that people are ready for a lifestyle change for good reasons—mainly to improve their health. That’s good news,” said Hensrud. “It means a lifestyle-changing dietary program—like the New Mayo Clinic Diet—will be a good fit for them and is more likely to have positive results that will last for a long time.”

As a healthy lifestyle change program, the New Mayo Clinic Diet reflects the latest advances in dietary research, and also provides new tools that make following its simple steps easier than ever. Members can choose from flexible meal plans that include Vegetarian, Mediterranean, High Protein, and a new Healthy Keto program.

The program is built on an all-new digital platform from Digital Wellness, which has tools and trackers to help members lose 3x more weight. Exclusive tools—such as a Habit Optimizer—help members make lasting meaningful changes in their behavior. The program also includes unlimited access to a private Facebook Group that helps members connect and support each other. It can also be used in conjunction with other resources, such as Mayo Clinic Press’s Cook Smart, Eat Well cookbook, where members can prepare their meals more efficiently by using simple, healthier, ingredients.

The New Mayo Clinic Diet is based on the #1 New York Times best-selling book series and online program that consistently ranks as a U.S. News & World Report ‘Best Diet.’

To learn more about the New Mayo Clinic Diet, and to sign up for the program, visit: 

About The New Mayo Clinic Diet

The New Mayo Clinic Diet is the only weight loss program that features a comprehensive, whole-health menu program developed and approved by Mayo Clinic. It features flexible meal plans that fit into any lifestyle as well as easy-to-prepare recipes. The New Mayo Clinic Diet has been designed to help participants make lasting, meaningful changes to their behavior so they can lead a healthier life.

About Mayo Clinic

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For over 15 years, the accredited professional healthcare experts at Digital Wellness have delivered exceptional outcomes to both consumers and enterprise, establishing Digital Wellness as one of the most published, respected and empowering health platforms in the world.

Founded by Scott Penn – and reinforced by partnerships that include one with the Mayo Clinic – Digital Wellness has a strong history of investing in health and wellness research and innovations.

In addition to powering the New Mayo Clinic Diet, Digital Wellness works with pharmaceutical companies, corporations, and the government to provide chronic disease management programs.

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