Giftster Announces the All-New iPhone & iPad App for Sharing Gift Wish Lists Among Family

Giftster Gift Wish Lists

(Minneapolis-St. Paul, Mn) — Nov. 15, 2023  — Today Giftster announces the release of the Giftster 6.0 App for iPhone & iPad, a 2-year development effort to give iPhone and iPad users a version of Giftster built just for their devices.

Ron Reimann, Giftster CEO says “Apple customers are big fans of Giftster, so we built a dedicated version of Giftster from the ground up, just for them. I’m proud of the team that delivered and will continue enhancing this app, which includes our UX/UI designer, a dedicated iOS programmer/architect, a full stack developer for API and back-end work, and staff for testing and product management.” 

This app is all new, but it is built on the 14 years of experience Giftster has with gift registries and wish list sharing. 

Giftster added three wish list-building enhancements in this new app, which replaces the existing Giftster app

Add any item fast from Safari. Add items from any store while browsing the web in Safari or from a retailer’s app.

Add an item with Find & Fetch. Search for an item to add from the web without leaving the app.

Personalize your wish lists. Select a list image theme, note, and profile photo to customize each Christmas or birthday list.

In addition to list creation, Giftster has introduced the ability to recruit new group members by text message or in their favorite messaging app. And while members shop their families’ lists, they can now sort items by newest, availability, price, and more.


About Giftster

Trusted by 2 million members, Giftster helps families connect around gift-giving occasions by sharing gift wish lists in a private family group.

Capabilities include:

  • Ability to add any item, no product link required
  • Share wishlists in a private family group or publicly with anyone
  • Draw names for a virtual Secret Santa gift exchange between group members
  • Avoid duplicate gifts and returns – purchased items appear unavailable
  • Keep the surprise. The list maker cannot see which items are purchased.

Giftster defines the standard for an easy-to-use universal wish list sharing service for family and close friends. Giftster wish lists contain gift ideas from any store in the world. The Giftster platform includes the mobile responsive website at, which runs on any screen size, an app for the iPhone and iPad on the App Store, and an app for Android devices on the Google Play and Amazon App Store. A brand-new Android app is scheduled to be released in 2024.



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