Giftster Gift Wish Lists

(Minneapolis-St. Paul, Mn) — Nov. 15, 2023  — Today Giftster announces the release of the Giftster 6.0 App for iPhone & iPad, a 2-year development effort to give iPhone and iPad users a version of Giftster built just for their devices. Ron Reimann, Giftster CEO says “Apple customers are big fans of Giftster, so we built a dedicated version of Giftster from the ground up, just for them. I’m proud

Survey of Holiday Shopping

  (Minneapolis-St. Paul, Mn) — Oct. 18, 2022  — In a recent survey of Giftster members, 92% reported they plan to spend the same or less than they did last year on holiday shopping.  Giftster, a popular online family wish list maker service – used by over a million members – recently conducted a member survey the week of September 20, 2022 on holiday shopping spending plans for this year.