Benjamin Berry of Minnesota on the 5 Winning Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

Benjamin Berry of Minnesota on the 5 Winning Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

Benjamin Berry of Minnesota discussed the 5 winning traits of successful entrepreneurs

(Lakeville, MN)  February 14, 2022 – Benjamin Berry of Minnesota has been successful in a wide spectrum of venues and works hard to establish change in order to boost profitability wherever he goes. He managed a number of his own businesses over the years and is grateful for the innovators who taught and supported him along the way.

Benjamin Berry of Minnesota had some things to say on what it takes to be successful as an entrepreneur in today’s business climate. Here’s some of what we learned.

Benjamin Berry of Minnesota on the 5 Winning Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

Benjamin Berry of Minnesota explains that he has spent more time working with, talking with, and observing the behavior of entrepreneurs. Some, he says, were successful. Many were not. During this time, he has had the opportunity to learn much that most people will never have the chance to learn. He is quick to note that he is extremely grateful for all of these learning opportunities, before going on to describe the traits he believes most competent entrepreneurs have in common.

1. Decisiveness
There’s a common saying, Benjamin Berry of Minnesota, explains, that the way to make it is to jump and grow wings on the way down. He explains that a competitive entrepreneur will make a decision and then make it work, that he doesn’t make a decision and hope it works. He puts his shoulder into it and presses out a successful result.

2. Generous with knowledge
A good entrepreneur isn’t stingy with what he’s learned and what he knows. He isn’t trying to create a power differential by hoarding his wisdom all to himself. He wants to build others up and give them opportunities that he didn’t have, and share the value of knowledge that he obtained the hard way. It’s a form of giving back, of creating value that didn’t exist before. Benjamin Berry of Minnesota says that’s what business is all about.

3. Open-mindedness
Benjamin Berry of Minnesota says that to the successful entrepreneur, ego doesn’t even enter into the equation. An excess of ego, he says, spoils a person. It makes learning impossible and it makes a person rigid. To the creative business professional, the right technique comes first. What works comes first.

4. Approachability
Another thing he says he’s noticed about good entrepreneurs is they are approachable. They like people and they want to build structures that people can depend on. How else, Benjamin Berry of Minnesota asks, can one build good partnerships?

5. Showing Up
Finally, Benjamin Berry notes that to have any chance of success, a good entrepreneur understands the importance of actually showing up and doing the work. No matter the obstacles, outside factors, or self-doubt standing in the way, the focused entrepreneur knows how crucial it is to be ready and prepared to dig in and start creating. Benjamin Berry of Minnesota notes that while inspiration may nudge one to the starting line, it’s the act of making the effort and the tenacity to keep going that are ultimately responsible for turning one’s vision into reality and getting to one’s goal.

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