2022 Eagle Cam Update – Chick #2 Watch Live

Eagle Cam Update

The Eagle Cam Update is good news.   Things are progressing on schedule for the two chicks.

Hatch update – chick number 2 has hatched!

Right on time, the two chicks have hatched! The first chick hatched on Tuesday, March 22. Tuesday was one of the wettest days we’ve had at the cam site, but that didn’t stop the chick from emerging from the egg. Because of the cold, windy and wet weather, the parents have been sitting very tight and keeping the nest aerated in order to keep their young warm and dry. They wiggle their bodies to get the chicks close to the brood patch – the exposed skin on their bellies. The second egg hatched on March 24 at about midnight and has already had its first feeding.

NOTE TO CAM WATCHERS – clicking noise:  The microphone at the nest is faulty. A replacement arrived too late to install this season. The eagles cannot hear the clicking noise, but it can be bothersome to hear when watching. We suggest muting your sound until next season.

Season Recap

First egg of 2022

At about 5:16 p.m. Saturday, the female bald eagle laid her first egg of 2022.  As the day was winding down on Saturday, the female came into the nest for a few minutes, then she left.  She returned a few minutes later and began delivering her first egg of our tenth season on the Nongame Eagle Cam!  We expect at least one more egg this season, possibly two.  more likely Last year, each of the three eggs was the two eggs were laid a few days apart, and we would expect the same this year.  Keep watching this week for additions to this year’s eagle family.

Arrival of second egg

The eagle laid a second egg.  Egg number two arrived at about two p.m. on Wednesday, February 16, about 68 hours after the first egg was laid. Typically, bald eagles will space egg laying from two-to four days and will lay up to three eggs. Egg arrivals tend to occur in the afternoon.


Watch from the DNR Site HERE. Also watch for additional an Eagle Cam Update over time.

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