Worship Times of Rochester Launches Rebuild Ukraine Website

Worship Times of Rochester Launches Rebuild Ukraine Website


(Rochester MN) —  March 30, 2022  — On March 21, 2022, Worship Times launched a new website for Rebuild Ukraine: rebuild-ua.org. Built in a matter of days, the site shares the urgent mission of the nonprofit and will facilitate their fundraising efforts.

The immense humanitarian crisis created by the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine is growing. Rebuild Ukraine responded immediately, leveraging partnerships to deliver critical aid to the people of Ukraine.

Founding President Paul L. Gavrilyuk described the nonprofit’s mission: “We started Rebuild Ukraine to offer fellow Americans an opportunity to save lives in the horrific war that is presently happening in Ukraine. The refugees presently number over three million. Rebuild Ukraine can help the refugees by offering evacuation logistics and helping to settle abroad. … Rebuild Ukraine delivers food supplies, life-saving medical supplies such as tourniquets and prescription drugs into the country swiftly and cost-efficiently.”

In three weeks, Rebuild Ukraine raised more than $130,000 — without a website! Now, with a secure donation portal, Rebuild Ukraine hopes to raise an additional $500,000 over the next three months and double their donor base.

The new website shares:

  • Stories of strategic partnerships in Eastern Europe that allow Rebuild Ukraine to deliver immediate aid to Ukrainian residents and refugees.
  • Headlines in the news showcasing Rebuild Ukraine’s latest work.
  • Strategies for readers to use in their own communities to help the Ukrainian people.
  • A multifaceted donation portal that securely accepts donations on many platforms.
  • Forms to immediately join Rebuild Ukraine’s newsletter or donation information mailing lists.
  • Rebuild Ukraine’s website will share up-to-date information with donors, so their team can focus on the important work of getting food, medical supplies, and essential equipment into the hands of the Ukrainian people.

“I am passionate about Rebuild Ukraine because our work is saving lives literally every day. Our volunteers are on the ground in Ukraine itself, delivering humanitarian aid where it is needed most, even in regions where there is active combat,” said Seraphim Danckaert,
Secretary for Rebuild Ukraine. “Grandmothers are getting their medicine, families are being relocated to safety, and civilians are being equipped with life-saving protective gear. We hope that our new website will bring greater awareness, grow our network, and increase our donor base. 100% of the funds we raise are going right to Ukraine. We aren’t spending any money on advertising or consultants, so we are so grateful to Worship Times for making this website possible.”

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