Provation Celebrates One Million Clinical Procedure Notes Documented in Cloud-Based Provation® Apex Software

Provation Celebrates One Million Clinical Procedure Notes Documented in Cloud-Based Provation® Apex Software


(Minneapolis, Mn) — Jan. 11, 2023  — Provation, a leading provider of healthcare productivity and workflow automation software solutions, today announced over one million clinical procedure notes documented in cloud-based Provation® Apex.

Provation Apex Procedure Documentation and Patient Charting Software Platform is a single, scalable solution designed to address healthcare’s need for data-driven decision-making while making it easier for clinicians to efficiently record patient and procedure details, images, and coding for reimbursement. Provation Apex was also developed to help healthcare organizations combat rising cybersecurity concerns, resource constraints, and tech debt.

“Our goal with Provation Apex is to take everything we’ve learned over the years about healthcare productivity and workflow automation and use it to develop the ultimate SaaS procedure documentation platform. Developing our solution in the cloud makes it easier for us to integrate cutting-edge functionality such as advanced data visualization and artificial intelligence (AI)-powered voice-to-text, automated documentation, and polyp detection,” said Provation CEO, Daniel Hamburger. 

On-premises Provation® MD, Provation’s flagship solution, has helped hundreds of thousands of clinicians around the world document patient procedures across many specialties. Due in large part to Provation MD’s reputation as Gold Standard for gastroenterology (GI) procedure documentation for more than 25 years, hundreds of hospitals and ASCs already trust Provation Apex when moving to the cloud, with more organizations migrating all the time.

Provation acquired on-premises procedure documentation solutions MD-Reports and endoPRO in 2019 and 2021 respectively, and facilities using these solutions are migrating to Provation Apex in waves, too.

“On-premises customers are seeing the real value in migrating to a solution that is better suited for the future of their organization and the broader healthcare industry,” explained Hamburger. “We’ve hit the one million note milestone in such a short period of time, so it makes me very excited about the future of Provation Apex and how clinicians will benefit from further increased efficiency and even better-quality patient care. We’re ready to hit one million more!”

The Provation® Apex Origin Story

In 1997, Provation introduced Provation® MD for endoscopy and gastroenterology (GI) procedure documentation with its first customers Hennepin County Medical Center (HCMC) and Massachusetts General Hospital.

At that time, only rudimentary electronic endoscopy documentation software solutions were available, and gastroenterology terminology and best practices were not well established. Provation founders and gastroenterology specialists at Mass General and HCMC worked together to develop these industry standards.

Decades passed and yet Provation MD remains on top. Specialties such as pulmonary, pain management, cardiology, and orthopedics were added. Clinical workflows refined. Medical content and reimbursement codes maintained. And although the content, coding, and intuitive workflows in Provation MD are still adored by healthcare professionals and imitated by competitors, advancement and maintenance of older server-based technology is proving increasingly difficult.

For years, Provation customers reported not having enough full-time IT staff, so they were falling behind on Provation MD updates and backups. Facilities were looking to benchmark against other sites to improve patient care. Clinicians wanted to access their solution wherever they were in their hospital. Addressing these challenges became a critical priority.

“Provation’s purpose has always been to empower healthcare providers to deliver quality healthcare for all,” said Hamburger. “In order to fulfill our purpose, we knew adopting a cloud-based, SaaS model would allow us to deliver a more secure, agile, and adaptable procedure documentation experience. We’re thrilled that clinicians across the country are finding Provation Apex to be an intelligent, efficient, and effective procedure documentation solution.”

Provation Apex is staying true to Provation’s roots and helping streamline clinical workflows, reduce the bureaucratic procedure documentation process, and give clinicians more time to spend treating patients.

About Provation

Provation is a leading provider of healthcare software and SaaS solutions for clinical productivity and workflow automation. Our purpose is to empower providers to deliver quality healthcare for all. Provation’s comprehensive portfolio spans the entire patient encounter, from pre-procedure through post-procedure, with solutions for physician and nursing documentation (Provation® Apex, Provation® MD, MD-Reports, Provation® endoPRO®, and Provation® MultiCaregiver), anesthesia documentation (#1 Best in KLAS Provation® iPro), patient engagement, surgical care coordination, quality reporting, and billing capture (Provation® SurgicalValet™), order set and care plan management (Provation® Order Set Advisor™ and Provation® Care Plans), and EHR embedded clinical documentation (Provation® Clinic Note). Provation has a loyal customer base, serving more than 5,000 hospitals, surgery centers, and medical offices, and 700 physician groups globally, including 19 of the top 20 U.S. hospitals. In 2021, Provation was acquired by Fortive Corporation, a Fortune 1000 company that creates essential technology to accelerate transformation in high-impact fields like workplace safety, engineering, and healthcare. For more information about our solutions, visit and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


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