NGPA Announces 2023 Scholarship Cycle Recipients

NGPA Announces 2023 Scholarship Cycle Recipients


2022 NGPA Scholarship recipients on stage in Palm Springs, CA

The NGPA announces the distinguished recipients of the 2023 Scholarships.


(St Louis Park, MN) — , December 22, 2023  — NGPA – The Worldwide LGBTQ+ Aviation Community proudly announces the distinguished recipients of the 2023 Scholarships. This year marks a historic milestone as the 25th anniversary of the NGPA’s scholarship program. This summer, NGPA received an unprecedented 430 completed applications, reflecting a remarkable 14% increase from the previous year.

Demonstrating a steadfast commitment to its mission, the NGPA is privileged to contribute significantly to aviation education and training through the provision of financial support. The scholarship program stands as one of NGPA’s flagship membership offerings, embodying a source of pride for the organization. By extending support to aspiring aviation professionals and enthusiasts, the NGPA empowers individuals to pursue and advance their passion within the aviation industry.

NGPA’s scholarships are open to all members of the organization who demonstrate a passion for aviation and actively dedicate themselves to supporting the LGBTQ+ community. Sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression are not considered as a basis for awarding scholarships—which enables NGPA to ensure its values of inclusivity and equality.

Click here for more scholarship information and NGPA’s application requirements.

After months of scoring and evaluating hundreds of applications, NGPA is excited to announce the following winners of the 2023 scholarship offering:

• Alaska Airlines $5,000 Advanced Flight Training Scholarship: Kathleen O’Connell
• American Airlines $5,000 Flight Scholarship: Milas Norris
• American Airlines $5,000 Flight Scholarship: Joe Magarelli
• American Airlines $5,000 Flight Scholarship: Natalie Vaz
• American Airlines $5,000 Flight Scholarship: DeLano Cain-Watson
• Buttgenbach $10,000 Private Pilot Training Scholarship: Jacob Buckles
• Cage Marshall Consulting $1,500 Advanced Flight Training Scholarship: Kiley Farrey
• Delta Air Lines $5,000 Flight Training Scholarship: Adam Harry
• Emerald Mental Health Cares $2,000 Scholarship: Gabriel Cutter
• Endre Holen and Stephanie Goetz $5,000 Multi-Engine Flight Scholarship: Colin Weaver
• Envoy Air $5,000 Advanced Flight Training Scholarship: James Walters Plotnik
• Envoy Air $5,000 Advanced Flight Training Scholarship: Chiharu Shuai
• Envoy Air $5,000 Aircraft Mechanic or Tech Ops Training Scholarship: Miguel Moore
• FedEx $6,000 Advanced Flight Training Scholarship: Elizabeth McCusker
• Flex Air Initial Flight Instructor (CFI) Scholarship: Breanna Booth
• Flex Air Private Pilot Scholarship: Eugeniu Cuznetov
• Flying Dollar Airport $20,000 Pilot Training Scholarship: Devin Fry
• NGPA $5,000 Ally Committee Scholarship: Grant Becker
• NGPA $2,000 Seaplane Rating Scholarship: Annabelle Lecy & JC Pinheiro
• NGPA $5,000 Steven Moore Advocacy Scholarship: Harry Knox
• NGPA $1,500 Tailwheel Endorsement Scholarship: Elijah Davis & Zach Ontiveros
• NGPA $5,000 Transgender & Non-binary Committee Scholarship: Triston Cornemann
• NGPA $5,000 Women’s Committee Scholarship: Morgan O’Connor
• Piedmont Airlines $5,000 Aviation Management Scholarship: Zachary Miller
• Piedmont Airlines $5,000 Instrument Rating Scholarship: Matthew Koerner
• Propel by Delta Air Lines $5,000 Flight Training Scholarship: Lindsay Grant
• PSA $3,000 Advanced Flight Training Scholarship: Hayden Morgan & Kylan Humpherys
• Republic Airways $5,000 Opportunity Elevated Flight Training Scholarship: Victor Rojas
• Republic Airways $5,000 Opportunity Elevated Maintenance Training Scholarship: Erin Sweeny
• Solairus Aviation $5,000 Advanced Training Scholarship: Jackson Donovan
• Southwest Airlines $5,000 Advanced Flight Training Scholarship: Emily Hamilton
• United Airlines AVIATE Academy $82,500 Tuition Credit Scholarship: Ashley Montano, Maxine Loveman, & Annabelle Cardinale
• United Airlines AVIATE Academy $36,800 Tuition Credit Scholarship: Sierra Howard & Charlene Jeter
• Wheels Up $5,000 Advanced Flight Training Scholarship: Amber Brierly

Doug Carr, Vice Chair of the NGPA Board of Directors, says, “Scholarships are one of the most effective ways for NGPA to build, support, and unite the LGBTQ+ aviation community and open aviation pathways to a host of deserving applicants. The diversity of our scholarship offerings that fuel interest in both general aviation and commercial aviation opportunities help ensure that we remain focused on preserving our legacy while inspiring future aviators.”

A heartfelt appreciation goes out to all our members, donors, and sponsors whose generosity enables the NGPA scholarship program. Your support transforms the aspirations of individuals into tangible realities. Since 1998, NGPA has granted 275 scholarships, amounting to approximately $1.8 million. We extend special gratitude to the dedicated volunteers who devoted their time to assess and evaluate scholarship applications.

Stay tuned for detailed profiles of each of this year’s scholarship recipients, featured in the upcoming Spring 2024 edition of Contrails Magazine. Additionally, catch a glimpse of our scholarship winners at the NGPA 2024 Winter Warm-Up, presented by American Airlines. Thank you for making dreams take flight!

Click here to view previous NGPA scholarship recipients.

The NGPA is a non-profit organization based in Minneapolis. Founded in 1990, NGPA is an international organization of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) aviation professionals and enthusiasts. Our organization aims to encourage individuals to begin aviation careers, foster an environment of equality for LGBTQ+ aviators, promote safety, and establish personal and professional networks. The NGPA makes this a reality through education, outreach, and social events. Our organization is run by a board of directors, executive leadership, and volunteers! For more information, visit

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