GrayMatter Robotics Receives Innovator of the Year Award from Cirrus Aircraft

GrayMatter Robotics Innovator of the Year Award

Innovator of the Year: GrayMatter Robotics Earns Recognition from Cirrus Aircraft for Innovation in Automation, Following Multiple Awards at FANUC’s ASI Conference.

(Duluth, MN) —  Dec. 21, 2023  — GrayMatter Robotics, a promising disruptor in the automation industry, has achieved yet another milestone by receiving commendation from Cirrus Aircraft for its groundbreaking innovations in automation and strategic partnership. This recognition comes on the heels of the company’s impressive performance at FANUC’s ASI Conference, where GrayMatter Robotics was lauded with multiple awards as one of the Most Innovative Systems of 2023. The AI and robotics company cinched dual accolades for Year-Over-Year Growth and Sales Volume.

Cirrus Aircraft, a leader in the aviation industry, has acknowledged GrayMatter Robotics for its exceptional contributions to automation. The recognition reflects GrayMatter Robotics’ commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation, new technology adoption, and open collaboration.

GrayMatter Robotics cinched dual accolades for Year-Over-Year Growth and Sales Volume at FANUC’s ASI Conference,

“GrayMatter Robotics has received quite a few awards in the past couple of years. However, this one is special. This is our first award from a customer. It has been wonderful working with teams, such as the team at Cirrus Aircraft, who share our commitment to innovation and always pushing for what’s next,” said Ariyan Kabir, Co-Founder & CEO of GrayMatter Robotics.

The acknowledgment from Cirrus Aircraft adds to the momentum gained at FANUC’s ASI Conference, where GrayMatter Robotics emerged as a standout innovator. The conference, organized by FANUC, a global leader in industrial automation and robotics, is a prestigious event that celebrates the most cutting-edge system integrator systems of 2023.

As GrayMatter Robotics continues to garner recognition from industry leaders, the company remains dedicated to pushing the envelope, making turnkey autonomous robotic solutions for nearly every surface finishing application from buffing to grinding. With its rapidly deployable, easy-to-use, and highly dependable smart robotic cells powered by its proprietary physics-informed AI, GrayMatter Robotics continues to be a force, revolutionizing manufacturing and improving the lives of workers everywhere.

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