Momentum Refresh Unveils First-Ever Universal Design Mobile Restroom at MN State Fair

Momentum Refresh MN State Fair

(St Paul, MN) — August 30th, 2023 —  In a significant leap towards accessibility and inclusivity, Momentum Refresh has introduced the first-ever universal design mobile restroom resource in the U.S. This groundbreaking initiative is set to redefine how individuals with mobility limitations experience public events and locations, making reasonable accommodation a reality for all. And what better place to start than the Minnesota State Fair.

Momentum Refresh’s primary mission is to provide dignity, full inclusion, and accessibility through high-quality restroom facilities within communities. Addressing a pressing concern, the initiative aims to break down barriers that have hindered many from participating in events and public spaces due to restroom accessibility concerns.

You can find the Momentum Refresh Truck on the east side of Cosgrove Street, north of Lee Avenue.  The hours are 9am to 9pm daily except for Labor Day, September 4th when the truck will be available from 9am-8pm.

Momentum Refresh is the nation’s first fully accessible, universally designed, mobile restroom equipped with a full-size adjustable changing table, a ceiling hoist (sling not provided) and other amenities.

“Having the Refresh vehicle at the many facilities we can’t go to would change our lives.Having something that’s mobile, that could show up anywhere, is exciting. It makes you feel like we can go there,” said Debbie Serrano who had a chance to look over the vehicle.

The equity that Momentum Refresh brings to the table is immense. For the 1 in 4 U.S. adults (approximately 61 million) with disabilities impacting major life activities, as reported by the CDC Morbidity & Mortality Report (2018-8-17), this innovative resource presents newfound opportunities. Many individuals and families facing self-care disabilities have been limited in their outings due to the lack of suitable restroom facilities. With this new solution, such limitations are poised to become a thing of the past.

Momentum Refresh has recognized that accessible facilities don’t just impact personal experiences – they also drive meaningful contributions to communities. By enabling access, individuals can actively participate in events, support local businesses, share their talents, and contribute through taxes.

At the core of Momentum Refresh is the idea of inclusivity. The resource is designed to address a common barrier for participation by offering a mobile, universally designed restroom solution at events, attractions, and public spaces. This solution directly benefits those with “mobility” disabilities, which often involve serious difficulty walking or climbing stairs, impacting self-care capacity.

Momentum Refresh MN State Fair

Each Momentum Refresh unit includes an electronic fully adjustable adult-sized changing table, adjustable grab bars, bidet, specialized electrical devices, motion sensors, heating, air conditioning, ventilation, an under vehicle lift, fresh water supply, and a hoist – all catering to diverse accessibility needs.

The impact of Momentum Refresh has already been profound. Users like Jenn, who previously struggled with accessible facilities, praised the initiative: “It was clean and so easy to use.” Debbie Serrano highlighted the potential to change lives by saying, “Refresh sort of opens up the world.”

Nestor Serrano expressed the sentiment of many: “Momentum has given us hope… I personally think it’s a game-changer.” Momentum Refresh is indeed reshaping lives and fostering a sense of freedom and inclusivity for those who have long faced challenges.

As Momentum Refresh continues to roll out, it promises to not only offer practical solutions but also to fundamentally transform the way people with mobility limitations engage with their communities, restoring hope and dignity.

About Momentum Refresh:

Momentum Refresh is an innovative initiative focused on revolutionizing accessibility and inclusivity for individuals with mobility challenges. By introducing the first-ever universal design mobile restroom resource, Momentum Refresh aims to provide dignified and accessible restroom facilities, allowing all individuals to participate fully in community life.

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