Minnesota’s World Records Part I

Minnesota's World Records

(Minnesota) — March 23, 2022–  Each year the Guinness World Book of Records looks at all of the years submissions and publishes the biggest, brightest, tallest, smallest, most, least, heaviest, lightest, youngest, oldest and farthest of almost anything you can imagine.   The categories alone could make up a book.  There are a surprising number of Minnesotans who hold world records.    So, we decided to share a few of Minnesota’s World Records according the the Guinness World Book of Records.

Isaac Johnson – Largest Gape

Isaac Johnson of Minnesota holds the record for, the teen with the world’s largest gape (male)!   He’s actually held it twice. The first time the title was taken away only a few months after getting verified.

About a year later, he realized that he had grown and was able to reclaim the title with a measurement of 10.175 cm or about 4 inches. Just to put this into context, Isaac can put a baseball in is mouth with room to spare.

Twins Stadium

The Minnesota Twins – Two Records!

Our very Minnesota Twins hold two records in the World Book. One Good and one… not so much.

In 2019 the Twins blew past the previous record of Most Home Runs Scored in a Single Season. 307 for those of you counting at home. The previous record was set by the Yankees at 267.

But when the Twins lost to the Houston Astros in Game 2 of the 2020 American League Wild-Card Series, it was Minnesota’s 18th consecutive postseason loss dating back to 2004 – a Major League Baseball postseason record-losing streak.

MPCA at MN State Fair – Wad of Paper

The World’s Largest Wad of Paper is a visual representation of how much paper Minnesotans throw away in less than 30 seconds. The ball was on display at the Eco Experience of the Minnesota State Fair. It weighed in at 426 pounds and was more than 9 feet high, and 32 feet around getting it into the book.

Stacia Bank – Most Wakesurfing 360’s

The most wakesurfing 360’s in one minute is 31, and was achieved by Stacia Bank on Lake Minnetonka on 20 September 2017.

According to the World Book of Records, Stacia remembers looking through the Guinness World Records books as a child and thinking how fun it would be to have a skill worthy of a record attempt.

MOA – Largest Handbell Choir

The largest handbell ensemble consists of 664 participants, achieved by the Mall of America, the Handbell Musicians of America, and the Salvation Army in Bloomington, Minnesota, USA, on 19 November 2016.

The attempt kicked off the Salvation Army’s 2016 kettle drive. Participants performed “Silver Carol”, a specially composed mashup of “Carol of the Bells” and “Silver Bells.”

Christopher Qualley – Words Heaviest Carrot

Giant vegitable gardener Christopher Qualley of Otsego, Minnesota grew a record-smashing carrot.

Weighing in at a whopping 10.17 kg (22.44 lb), Guinness World Book of Records officially crowned it the world’s Heaviest carrot  on October 6th, 2017

Guinness World Book of Records winners found in Minnesota. These are just a few of the names. We’ll revisit the topic every now and again to share our latest discoveries.

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