Minnesota’s Cannabis Legalization Ignites Unprecedented Demand for Cannabis Seeds

Minnesota's Cannabis Legalization Ignites Unprecedented Demand for Cannabis Seeds

The recent announcement is driving a surge in demand for low-potency cannabis products & businesses like Simply Crafted.

(Minneapolis, MN) —  August 1, 2023 — The state of Minnesota is set to legalize cannabis for the first time in its history on August 1, 2023. Even though the legal dispensaries are not scheduled to open until the end of 2024 or the start of 2025, the anticipation for legalized cannabis is at an all-time high, leading to a surge in demand for cannabis-infused foods and beverages with a low percentage of active cannabinoids.

Among the businesses witnessing an exceptional upswing is Simply Crafted, a renowned CBD and low-potency THC product supplier based in Minneapolis. Since its establishment in 2019, the company has garnered industry recognition and has been featured in esteemed publications like Leafly, High Times, and Cannabis Now Magazine.

Luke Stead, the COO of Simply Crafted, eagerly envisions the future of Minnesota’s cannabis industry. He stated, “Last year after the DEA classified cannabis seeds as farm bill compliant, we introduced seed sales alongside our line of CBD and low-potency THC products. With cannabis now legal in Minnesota, we’ve experienced a ten-fold increase in the demand for cannabis seeds.”

The legalization of cannabis has ignited curiosity and anticipation among Minnesotans, resulting in an unprecedented clamor for cannabis seeds. While dispensaries are still on the horizon, the availability of low-potency cannabis products provides enthusiasts with a tantalizing glimpse of the forthcoming era.

Experts laud the legalization of cannabis in Minnesota, anticipating significant economic growth and fostering opportunities for entrepreneurs and businesses in the cannabis market.
Embracing this groundbreaking era, Simply Crafted stands prepared to meet evolving consumer demands with its exceptional range of CBD and low-potency THC products. Their dedication to quality and innovation has solidified their position as a trusted name within the cannabis industry.

About Simply Crafted

Based in Minneapolis, Simply Crafted is a leading supplier of premium CBD and low-potency THC products. Since its launch in 2019, Simply Crafted has won praise for its unwavering dedication to excellence and has established itself as a trustworthy resource for cannabis fans across Minnesota.



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