Kiko TruRasta and NoldyMusic will release the first single “Fake,” from EP, WARRIORS, on September 2, 2022

Kiko TruRasta and NoldyMusic will release the first single “Fake,” from EP, WARRIORS, on September 2, 2022


On Friday, September 2, 2022, internationally recognized artist Kiko TruRasta will release his first single, “Fake,” from his up-and-coming EP, Warriors.

(Detroit Lakes, MN) —  August 4, 2022  — Kiko TruRasta has partnered with artist and producer Fitzreynold ‘Noldy’ Cadet aka NoldyMusic, to share the Haitian-American experience. The single will be jointly released by Simplicity 26 Records, World Music, NoldyMusic, and TruRasta Ent.

“Fake,” impeccably produced by Fitzreynold ‘Noldy’ Cadet, is Kiko’s way of, “calling out the fake ones,” in the community and society—not personally but to describe his experience piloting through life and the music industry. “Fake,” was written by Mark Viard (New York) and Fitzreynold ‘Noldy’ Cadet (New Jersey). Fitzreynold ‘Noldy’ Cadet is an artist, producer, song writer, and label owner who like Kiko is Haitian-American from Flatbush-Brooklyn, New York and has worked in the music industry for over 20 years. Through partnering, both artists hope to fuse reggae rhythms, afrobeats, and voodoo music with “deep” lyrics to create a “brand new sound!”

“Fake,” is consistent with Kiko’s prior work which eloquently shares his life experiences with social issues and love. A social media follower described the artist as, ‘Kiko Haitian Marley’ possibly because of his ability to incorporate “real life” perspective into his art; such like Marley.

Kiko has consistently released top-rated records for over eighteen years. Collectively his songs have amassed over 50,000 views on YouTube through the years. In April 2019, the online magazine,, featured one of Kiko’s single “Mwen Bezwen Lanmou,” on their list of, “10 Haitian Songs That’ll Make You Want to Fall in Love.” Article writer Kreyolicious, detailed her reason for including the single as, “nothing more alluring than a man asking to be loved.” The track is number one on her list.

Kiko TruRasta’s rhythm blends are sure to vibrate with any listener, which is why everyone should add “Fake” to their playlist on Friday, September 2, 2022; the best start to Labor Day weekend. “Fake” will be available on all streaming platforms worldwide.

KIKO Tru Rasta interview at Noldy Music


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