Fluoramics Introduces NEW Dropper Tip Oilers to Replace Pocket Oilers

Fluoramics Introduces NEW Dropper Tip Oilers to Replace Pocket Oilers


We’re excited about our new dropper tip packaging as it provides safe, precise oiling at a lower price per ounce, plus has a leak-proof child-safe cap.”    — Gregg Reick, Fluoramics’ President and Chief Chemical Engineer

(Winona, MN) —  March 30, 2023  — Fluoramics’ new dropper tip style of oilers replace the previous pocket oiler packaging and are perfect for the “a drop will do you” feature of most Fluoramics products. Dropper tip oilers dispense products precisely with drop-by-drop control through a plastic tip directly onto the area to be oiled.

Tufoil® Lubit-8®, Tufoil® Gun-Coat, Rust-Stopping Lubricating Oil, and the new Compu-Lube are all available in this new 16.5 mL (.557 fl oz) packaging. Another new product, HinderRUST Bike Lube, is available in a similar but larger 118 mL (4 fl oz) dropper tip bottle.

Many factors contribute to the change in the packaging: customer requests for an oiler that sits well on a shelf; increasing costs on the old-style pocket oilers; supply chain issues with the pocket oilers; and concern over the sharpness of the previous metal needle-like applicator.

The dropper tip bottle provides an easy application method for small areas, and requires little storage space so it fits well on a garage shelf or in a pocket, tool box, or glove compartment. Lower material costs on the packaging also allows Fluoramics to package more product in an oiler for the same price, and the child-safe leak-proof cap tightly seals the bottle, preventing leaks even if the bottle is tipped over.

“We’re excited about our new dropper tip packaging as it provides safe, precise oiling at a lower price per ounce, plus has a leak-proof child-safe cap,” says Gregg Reick, Fluoramics’ President and Chief Chemical Engineer.

Tufoil Lubit-8 is a versatile, general-purpose lubricant that prevents rust and acts as a cleaning agent. It stops locks from freezing, and penetrates deeply to free “frozen” nuts and bolts. Lubit-8 extends the service life of precision bearings. It leaves no oily residue, is compatible with all oils and greases, and remains stable from -51°C to +260°C (-60°F to +500°F).

Tufoil Gun-Coat was originally developed for use on firearms at the request of federal law enforcement agencies and test results clearly showed smoother and faster operation, lower operating temperatures, reduced misfires, and easier cleaning. It is an excellent CLP-type of product as it cleans, lubricates and protects without the use of solvents. Use it virtually anywhere corrosion, rust and humidity are a problem. Tufoil Gun-Coat can be applied to all types of guns, firearms, weapons, pistols, handguns, revolvers, rifles, shotguns, and other metal items including medical equipment, tools, steel parts, and antiques.

Rust-Stopping Lubricating Oil stops rust in its tracks while providing lubrication. It is based on HinderRUST, a blend of unique chemistries that allows it to travel beyond the area to which it is applied. That means it soaks deep into cracks and crevices, allowing it to lubricate and protect areas not visible to the eye. HinderRUST also displaces water and forms a boundary film between the metal and moisture.

Compu-Lube is a lightweight oil ideal for lubricating computer and high-speed mechanisms including keyboard switches, robotics, and 3D printers. Not only does Compu-Lube lubricate, but it acts as a cleaning agent and helps prevent rust. It has a high dielectric constant and is safe with electronics and electromechanical devices. Compu-Lube is a lightweight synthetic oil engineered by Fluoramics to safely lubricate electronics, computers, computer printers, keyboard switches, stabilizers, computer fans, robotics, fine bearings. laptop hinges, game controllers, power tools, automotive electronics, turntables, steppers, X-Y Recorders, electronic contacts, metal or plastic gears, strike solenoids, and servo bearings.

HinderRUST Bike Lube cleans, lubricates, and protects bike gears, chains, and cables. Use solvent-free HinderRUST Bike Lube on mountain bikes, BMX, fat tire bicycles, racing bikes, road bikes, touring bikes, recumbent bikes, children’s bicycles, e-bikes, and e-scooters.

Fluoramics is a leading manufacturer of thread sealants, industrial greases, industrial lubricants, and corrosion control products, all of which are engineered PTFE solutions. Founded in 1967, the company is based in Winona, Minnesota, and proudly manufactures all its products in the United States. To learn more about Fluoramics, please visit the company’s website at https://www.fluoramics.com/.

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