Cytotheryx, Inc. Announces Acquisition of Ambys Medicines, Inc. Intellectual Property Assets

Cytotheryx, Inc. Announces Acquisition of Ambys Medicines, Inc. Intellectual Property Assets

(Rochester, MN) — February 23, 2023  — Cytotheryx, Inc. announced today it has acquired the intellectual property assets of Ambys Medicines, Inc. These technologies will now become a part of the Rochester, Minnesota-based Cytotheryx portfolio, significantly bolstering the company’s pre-clinical cell therapy program. Cytotheryx plans to enter the research market in 2024, and acquiring these technologies accelerates and expands the company’s path to clinical applications.

Serious liver diseases affect almost 5 million people in the US, with limited treatment options. Cell-based therapies may provide the best opportunity to treat liver disease, but until recently, sufficient quantities of mature liver cells have not been available. Cytotheryx has developed a proprietary bio-incubator that has the potential to produce high-quality liver cells at a scale that can address this significant need.

Dr. John Swart, CEO of Cytotheryx, said: “We are excited about the opportunity to move this technology forward to address this critical unmet medical need. The Ambys Medicines IP includes innovative approaches to treat liver disease that, if successful, will redefine how it is viewed medically. Our team is well-positioned to integrate the Ambys Medicines IP portfolio into the Cytotheryx clinical pipeline, accelerating our progress to that goal.”

Cytotheryx, Inc.

Cytotheryx, Inc. is a pre-clinical biotechnology company focused on the production of a consistent, high-quality source of human hepatocytes (liver cells), utilizing a proprietary technology developed by the Mayo Clinic, to address liver failure. The lead application of the technology addresses the supply shortage of primary human hepatocytes in research, the gold standard for in vitro modeling of the liver in drug toxicity and metabolic studies, as well as in liver disease-specific research. The technology also has the strong potential to address liver failure and Cytotheryx will integrate the recently acquired IP into its own cell therapy strategies to accelerate development. Learn more at and follow us on LinkedIn.

Ambys Medicines, Inc.

Founded in 2018, South San Francisco, CA-based Ambys Medicines, Inc. operated as a cell therapy company focused on unlocking the full potential of hepatocyte transplantation and transforming the treatment of severe liver disease. Ambys’ proprietary cell therapy platform was built to solve the supply constraints that have hindered progress, catalyzing the field and fundamentally transforming the approach to treating severe liver disease. Their lead program (AMI-918) and next-generation modified hepatocyte cell therapies were being developed to target the entire spectrum of severe liver diseases, encompassing those of both acquired and genetic origins.



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