Cel Shaded Games Launching New Anime Party Game

Cel Shaded Games Launching New Anime Party Game


Cel Shaded Games is launching its first game, _Me Senpai! – an illustrated card party game that any anime fan will appreciate.


(Rochester MN) — March 22, 2022 — Cel Shaded Games is launching its first game, _Me Senpai! – an illustrated card party game that any anime fan will appreciate. With the release of _Me Senpai!, the team at Cel Shaded Games is offering players a fully customizable experience. Since each game can be tailored to fit a player’s taste in genres and character archetypes, this is a game that all anime fans will love. Beyond that, _Me Senpai! is also perfect for board game fans.

The game focuses on roleplay and strategy rather than pure luck of the draw, making each play session unique and unpredictable.

Unlike most other anime games that go out of season as soon as a new game is released, _Me Senpai! is designed to be timeless. Given that it draws on the creativity and knowledge of the, players, _Me Senpai! evolves with these players. The game guarantees endless fun for both seasoned anime fans and people who are exploring the genre for the first time.

Most of the time, anime games are daunting for newbies who are venturing into the anime space for the first time. Cel Shaded Games is changing all of this with a game that you can play at any level of knowledge, and a game that helps you learn as you play.

_Me Senpai is designed to entertain anime fans of all stripes – from the hardcore OVA collector to the seasonal anime watcher. Whether you’re familiar with anime tropes or not, you can play _Me Senpai! with 3 to 7 other players and create wacky characters and scenarios.

The comic artists, writers and developers at Cel Shaded Games have experience in writing for Fortune 500 companies, illustrating comics, writing novels and developing games. What’s more, they’ve spent a combined 50+ years watching anime. Drawing from their experience in the anime space, this team has brought us a fill-in-the-blank card party game with a twist.

For starters, the fact that they’ve incorporated role playing and strategy elements into the game already offers a refreshing change for anime players. The role playing and strategy elements also increase replayability and makes it easier to win even if you draw a bad hand. What’s more, the cards come with illustrations to help newbies learn anime tropes, so no player is at a disadvantage. Finally, _Me Senpai! is designed to help players create pieces of art that they can display in their collections for years to come.

“Before we developed _Me Senpai! all the members of our team dreamt of a game that we could play with friends or with random strangers at conventions,” says Cel Shaded Games co-founder Kat Jackson. We agreed that the perfect game would be one that you could play with other people without having to worry about clashing tastes in anime. Inspired by this vision, we designed _Me Senpai! to be more than just a game. This game is also supposed to double as a piece of art that anime fans can show off as part of their collections.”

_Me Senpai is the perfect card party game because it cuts across genres and appeals to a wife group of people. Whether you’re looking to pass the time or teach your friends some anime tropes, _Me Senpai! will offer hours of fun for you and your group. With _Me Senpai! the team at Cel Shaded Games has brought the world an anime game for everyone – a game that offers high-quality art, accessible humor and collectibles.

_Me Senpai will be launching on Kickstarter later this Spring. To find out more about the game, visit the Cel Shaded Games website.

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