Fired Up 2 Raises Funds For Non Profit Supporting Cancer Survivors and Caregivers and Raising Awareness About Cancer

Fired Up 2 Raises Funds For Non Profit Supporting Cancer Survivors and Caregivers and Raising Awareness About Cancer


Fired Up! 2 multi-author book collaboration features inspiring stories of cancer warriors and other trailblazers who also share their step-by-step roadmaps

(Apple Valley, MN)  — August 16, 2022  — After the success of #1 Amazon international bestseller Fired Up! Fount of Grace Creatives announces the paperback release of Fired Up! 2, another #1 Amazon international bestseller.

Fired Up! 2 is a transformational anthology written by global women changemakers who share their inspiring stories of changing their test into a testimony. They survived storms, overcame health challenges, thrived despite difficult times and built businesses and roadmaps along the way. They share empowering and motivating stories of how God has used their pain and turned it into their purpose!

As these torchbearers overcame the various storms in their lives, they realized something amazing. They had developed insights into the storms they had each gone through and learnt valuable lessons. They desired to share these lessons with other women who were experiencing similar storms and to give them the keys to fighting and overcoming their storms. Each of the authors also shares their 5-step actionable roadmaps to help you live a more fired up life..

They are on a mission with a single goal: Change the world, one woman at a time!

Find out how:
– Heather beat a terminal cancer diagnosis and is now cancer-free
– Vanessa valiantly battled cancer for 5 years with a never-give-up spirit but unfortunately, early in August, she succumbed to ovarian cancer
– Shelby beat cancer and got her doctorate in her 50s while taking care of her elderly parents and teenage daughter
– Laura recovered completely from an almost complete paralysis and is back to her airline job
– Donna survived childhood storms and became VP of a tech giant and now has her own thriving business
– Saira got out of a narcissistic relationship and built a successful, award-winning spiritual business
– Rebecca refused induction of labour after her first premature twin delivery and death of her firstborn son and God’s perfect protection

Some reviews:

“Fired Up 2 is a book I found hard to put down with powerful stories shared by some incredibly women who navigated adversity with all the strength they could muster and won. Every woman’s story touched my heart. Their outlook on life and the roadmaps they shared were practical and inspiring. Congratulations to all involved!” – Anne Ryan, Business Mentor & Money Coach

“Absolutely loved this amazing book!!!!
The stories of these women are so real and raw. Loved it so much”

“The stories of strength and resilience are so amazing in this book. Plus the bonus of the roadmaps to help you on your path and journey are so helpful! One of the authors, Vanessa, passed away the week after the book was released, which is amazing she was able to share her story with the world!!

“This book is very uplifting and inspiring as you read through each woman’s story. It is humbling and offers hope.”

“This is a book that will inspire people who are going through difficult times that “This too would pass away” and there is something better on the other side.”

All proceeds from the sales of the book would go to a non profit supporting cancer survivors and caregivers, and raising awareness about cancer, Beyond the Ribbon! You can help support the charity and also get inspired and fired up by reading the inspiring stories and actionable roadmaps.

The e-book is available on Amazon:
The paperback is available on Amazon:

Heart-warming and Inspiring Stories of Women Changemakers from around the world


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