Two Minnesota Natives Lead the Electric Bike Revolution

Lectric eBikes

Fast Growing eBike Brand Expands Portfolio with Most Powerful and Affordable eBike in its Class

(Phoenix, Az)April 12, 2022 —  Levi Conlow and Robby Deziel designed their very first eBike in 2018, and haven’t looked back since. They grew up together in suburban Minnesota and their complementary perspectives led to a strong and dynamic friendship. Levi always had a knack for seeing “big picture” themes in his everyday life, and went on to study business entrepreneurship in sunny Phoenix, Arizona. Robby was known to be more detail-driven and creative, and went on to study mechanical engineering in Minneapolis.

After their studies, a new business opportunity came to mind when Levi’s dad, Brent Conlow, was in the market for an electric bike. Brent discovered that the cost of an ebike was much higher than he had hoped, so he turned to Levi and Robby for help. They were eager to create a high-quality electric bike at an honest price, and they did just that.

The dynamic duo faced some challenges along the way, but relied on customer feedback to perfect their design. After months of research and development, they would release the Lectric XP, which has since become the most popular single model ebike in the nation.

Lectric eBikes, one of the fastest growing electric bike companies in the nation, announced today the launch of the latest addition to its growing lineup, the Lectric XP LITE.

As an extension of Lectric eBikes’ industry-shattering XP series, the XP LITE is the brand’s most accessible model to date. The new eBike maintains the foldability and affordability that Lectric eBike riders know and love, while achieving an ultra-lightweight and maneuverable design. Additionally, the eBike is the only 48V system under 46 pounds, making it the most powerful pound-for-pound eBike in the industry.

The XP LITE is Lectric eBikes’ most customizable ride thus far with four different color options and two accessory pack variants available. This eBike can be ridden as class 1 or 2 and includes a twist grip throttle option along with five levels of pedal assist. Slimmer tires and a 20mph top speed provide riders with the perfect combination of fun and functionality.

Founded by Levi Conlow and Robby Deziel in 2019 out of a vision to bring accessible electric transportation to the masses, Lectric eBikes is now one of the leading electric bike brands in the nation. Recently achieving the milestone of 100k bike sales in just 28 months, the brand continues to demonstrate leadership in the booming category, which grew 47% year over year ending in October 2021, now making it a $741 million category and growing according to NPD.

“We’re truly ecstatic to be expanding our portfolio with the launch of the XP LITE,” said Levi Conlow, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Lectric eBikes. “As consumer demand continues to surge for more sustainable, cost-effective alternatives to traditional vehicles, we’re able to seize the opportunity and deliver the most accessible, portable and enjoyable ride on Earth. The addition of the XP LITE is a testimony to our brand’s mission to make electric transportation attainable for all, as this new bike enters the market with unmatched power and functionality at an industry-shattering price point. We can’t wait to continue this ride with our ever-growing community!”

Lectric eBikes is continuously innovating products that are specifically designed for everyone to ride. The XP LITE, along with Lectric eBikes’ full suite of products, are available direct-to-consumer via

Lectric eBikes
Fast Growing eBike Brand Expands Portfolio with Most Powerful and Affordable eBike in its Class



Lectric eBikes empowers riders nationwide to roam freely and explore with confidence by electric bike. With the support from an enthusiastic customer base, Lectric eBikes continues to excel as one of the fastest growing electric bike companies in the world. The brand’s current lineup consists of the flagship XP 2.0, the XP Step-Thru 2.0, and now the XP LITE, all with unparalleled performance and accessibility.

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