Twin Cities PBS Premieres Documentary Featuring Jesse Ventura

Documentary Jesse Ventura

From Pro Wrestler to Minnesota Governor, Jesse Ventura’s Journey Comes to Life in a New Film that Offers a Unique Look at His Improbable 3rd Party Victory.

(St Paul, MN) —  Jan. 11, 2024  — Timed with the 25th anniversary of Jesse Ventura’s inauguration as the Governor of Minnesota, Twin Cities PBS (TPT) announces the premiere of “Jesse Ventura Shocks the World,” an exploration of Jesse “The Body” Ventura’s extraordinary journey from the wrestling ring to the governor’s mansion. This thought-provoking film, premiering on January 16, 2024delves into Ventura’s groundbreaking election as the Governor of Minnesota, offering a captivating look at his legacy and lasting impact on American politics.

In 1998, Jesse Ventura’s election as the Governor of Minnesota took the nation by surprise. “Jesse Ventura Shocks the World” explores the intriguing story behind this election, providing a compelling account of the moments that forever altered the political landscape. The documentary paints a vivid picture of how Ventura’s unique blend of charisma, authenticity, and non-partisan appeal resonated with Minnesotans and left an indelible mark on the state’s history.

“If you think you know Ventura’s story, you don’t,” says Mary Lahammer, the film’s executive producer. “We have a massive archive of interviews and never-before-seen footage that add context to his evolution from wrestler-celebrity to politician, and that will lead to some surprises along the way.”

The film traces Jesse Ventura’s transformation to the elected leader of Minnesota and the issues that were important to him, including women’s rights, LGBTQ advocacy, marijuana legalization and a nonpartisan judiciary, among others. In addition, the film explores how that very departure from politics-as-usual influenced the overall political landscape in the U.S.

“Jesse Ventura Shocks the World” also underscores the enduring legacy of Ventura’s tenure, illustrating that every vote carries the power to shape the future of a community, state, or nation.

The documentary is based on the insights, anecdotes and commentary from Lahammer’s tenure as an award-winning political reporter for Twin Cities PBS. Lahammer has spent decades covering Jesse Ventura’s career and the intricacies of Minnesota politics. In the film, she provides an intimate perspective on Ventura’s life and career, offering a unique behind-the-scenes look at the man behind the myth.

“Jesse Ventura Shocks the World” premieres on January 16, 2024 on TPT 2 and will also be available for streaming on the PBS App.

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