TPT premieres follow-up series to critically acclaimed “Jim Crow of the North”

Jim Crow of the North Stories

Twin Cities PBS web series explores the impacts of racial housing discrimination


(Twin Cities, MN) — February 10th, 2022 — Twin Cities PBS (TPT) announced the premiere of “Jim Crow of the North Stories,” a digital first series follow-up to their 2019 documentary “Jim Crow of the North.” Picking up where the award-winning film leaves off, the series continues looking at race, place and the past by exploring the lasting impact of racially restrictive covenants and people taking action to make change. The docu-series premieres in January 2023 on TPT’s YouTube channel. You can also watch the episodes and dive deeper on TPT’s website.

The four-episode series focuses on the work of Mapping Prejudice, Just Deeds, Free the Deeds, municipalities, and everyday citizens taking action to reckon with the legacy of housing segregation in the Twin Cities. The episodes tell stories of historical prejudice and intimidation in housing practices and their lasting consequences. The series also shares contemporary actions individuals are taking to educate residents about this history, remove racial covenants from their deeds, and put their homes into the hands of land trusts as a form of reparations. The series is hosted by historian Acoma Gaither and produced by Daniel Bergin, Miranda Harincar, and Kevin Dragseth.

“‘Jim Crow of the North’ has become a touchstone for policymakers, activists, and educators to understand how we got to now. Just Deeds, Free the Deeds, Mapping Prejudice and thousands of Minnesotans are repairing the injustice showcased in the original film” says Bergin, “I hope this new series tells that narrative and brings together the relevance of public history, the power of story, and -maybe- just a little bit of Soulforce.”

The series is part of TPT’s strategy to create content for multiple platforms and increase inclusive storytelling, including supporting all Minnesotans by providing accessible educational, historical and cultural programming. “Jim Crow of the North Stories” flows out of TPT’s goals to create welcoming and inclusive environments, and to increase representational diversity.


To watch the original “Jim Crow of the North” documentary, click here.

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