The University of Minnesota salutes 2023 Farm Families of the Year

2023 Farm Families of the Year

Authored by: University of Minnesota Extension

(Minnesota) — July 11th, 2023 — Families and growers from all of Minnesota’s 87 counties will be represented as the University of Minnesota honors them in the 2023 Farm Family of the Year ceremony. This is the first time in recent memory that every county has selected agricultural leaders for this recognition.

The families will be recognized in a ceremony beginning at 1:15 p.m., Thursday, Aug. 3, at the annual Minnesota Farmfest on the Gilfillan Estate near Redwood Falls. The event is in the Wick Buildings Farmfest Center on the estate grounds.

Those honored cover a wide spectrum of farming, from traditional crops and livestock to community-based ventures focused on organics and traditional native foods. They were chosen by county-based local University of Minnesota Extension committees based on their demonstrated commitment to enhancing and supporting agriculture.

“This year’s Minnesota’s Farm Families of the Year reflect the breadth and variety of agriculture in our state,” said Extension Dean Bev Durgan. “The University of Minnesota is proud to honor these families and their innovation and dedication to Minnesota agriculture.”

2023 Farm Families of the Year

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