Act As If

From Lawyer and Lovelist to Musician

Photo by Nicole Nelson     Mary Strand follows ’60s-inspired debut single with ’70s-style rock on “Different Kind of World.” MINNEAPOLIS, MN, UNITED STATES, January 23, 2023 / — Lawyer-turned-novelist-turned-songwriter Mary Strand’s debut single, “Act As If,” harkened back to the power pop of the 1960s. With Strand’s second single, “Different Kind of World,” she moves into 1970s rock, drawing on influences like the Eagles and Three Dog Night. Both

Mary Strand

  (Minneapolis, MN — November 30, 2022  — Mary Strand spent 16 years crafting 100-page merger agreements before shifting to novels that clock in at 300 to 400 pages. But while she still loves writing all those words, she’s found a much shorter format for them: songs. Singer/guitarist Mary Strand started writing songs in 2018 when her original songwriting hero, Rodney Crowell, first hosted a songwriting camp. But her songwriting