GREATER MSP Partnership Comments on Passage of Minnesota’s Jobs, Economic Development, Labor, and Industry Finance Bill (HF3028/SF3035)

Greater MSP


(Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN) — May 25, 2023 — With the signing of the Jobs, Economic Development, Labor, and Industry Finance Bill (HF3028/SF3035), Minnesota is ready to step up its economic competitiveness.

The following are statements by Peter Frosch, President and Chief Executive Officer of the GREATER MSP Partnership:

“The Jobs and Economic Development legislation signed by the Governor includes bold investments that enable Minnesota to compete for nearly $2 trillion in federal funds, which are available to help states and regions increase economic growth, innovation and opportunity.”

“The GREATER MSP Partnership is working aggressively this year to accelerate fast-growth sectors, including semiconductors, biomanufacturing, advanced avionics, next-generation medical technology and others. These are billion-dollar opportunities that require a combination of state, federal and private-sector investments to realize.”

“GREATER MSP is building and leading coalitions that will put the state matching dollars to work in order to secure hundreds of millions in federal funding for the region and state.”

“Beyond the dollars now available to match federal opportunities, there will now be new state resources for sector-focused workforce development, scholarships for higher education and funds to market Minnesota to business and talent. Taken together, these investments by the state demonstrate a new seriousness in making Minnesota’s economy nationally competitive.”

“Greater investment in the economy by the state creates the conditions for a strengthened partnership between the public and private sectors in Minnesota. This legislative session may signal the start of a new dialogue between state policy makers and those working to accelerate economic growth and inclusion.”

About the GREATER MSP Partnership

GREATER MSP is the economic development partnership for the 15-county Minneapolis Saint Paul region. More than 300 leading businesses, universities, cities, counties, philanthropies, and others are working together to accelerate the competitiveness of the regional economy and drive inclusive economic growth by creating jobs, expanding our labor force, and increasing investment. For more information go to


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