Spark TS Announces New Name Change

Spark TS

Our new name represents the value we bring to railroad & contractor clients. It also reinforces Spark TS’s dedication to being a one-stop strategic partner for the railroad & transportation industries” — Katie Inouye, CEO and founder of Spark TS™

(St Paul, MN)  September 8, 2022 — Spark Training Solutions, a software safety, compliance and drug & alcohol testing company, announced a name change to Spark TS™ to better reflect its strategic focus on software and services for the railroad and the transportation industries.

The U.S. economy is dependent on railroads with freight rail covering over 135,000 route miles. Forty percent of U.S. freight volume is carried by freight railroads and are the most fuel efficient over land, emitting less than 2% of transportation greenhouse gas emissions. Class 1 and short line railroads must have the right tools and resources in order to meet the stringent Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) and Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations, as well as keep their workforce safe.

“Our new name more accurately represents the value we bring to our railroad and contractor customers,” says Katie Inouye, CEO and founder of Spark TS. “It also reinforces our dedication to being a one-stop strategic partner for Class 1, short line railroads and transportation industries.”

Spark TS supports the railroad industry with its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform including FRA-approved training, on-the-job checklists, efficiency testing, safety alerts along with ordering and tracking DOT-required drug and alcohol tests.

The Spark TS executive team will be leading a breakout session on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCS) Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse requirements at the American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association’s (ASLRRA) Eastern & Southern Region meeting held in Atlanta, September 26 through 28.

About Spark TS™

Spark TS™ is a leader in offering safety and compliance software and service solutions for the railroad and transportation industries. Spark TS set the standards for the CFR Part 243 Training Rule implementation with Rail Tasker™, a railroad mobile application for building safer work environments including operations testing, safety alert briefings, training, and drug and alcohol program management.

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