Social Indoor Creates Digital Billboard Franchise Opportunity

Social Indoor Creates Digital Billboard Franchise Opportunity

I am beyond excited about this new venture. There’s nothing out there like it and the digital industry only shows signs of expanding. ”   — Tony Jacobson, CEO of Social Indoor

(Minneapolis, MN) —  September 20, 2022  — Social Indoor, the largest indoor advertising provider in the country, announces the acquisition of Nashville’s Graffiti Indoor Advertising, one of the nation’s longest-running indoor print advertising companies, by its franchise partner in the Greater Nashville area, 521 Media, LLC. The move is a big step in a nationwide expansion effort for Social Indoor.

“My passion is creating innovative out-of-home advertising solutions for local, regional, and national marketers,” says Tony Jacobson, CEO of Social Indoor. “We are excited about the opportunity to reach the millions of tourists visiting Nashville each year through smart, targeted, digital advertising.”

“This is an incredibly exciting time for us here in Nashville,” says Douglas Wilson, co-owner of 521 Media along with Thad Johannessohn. “We now have the opportunity to provide our state-of-the-art indoor digital advertising product to Nashville area businesses, building on the incredible presence that Graffiti has established and maintained for decades.”

Social Indoor installs custom 22-inch vertical digital monitors in men’s and women’s restrooms, over the urinal or near the vanity, at the most popular bars and restaurants in any given city. The company currently operates in over 50 markets across 18 states, with a network of more than 3,000 digital monitors. Plans include doubling the number of cities by the end of 2024, to ultimately have more than 10,000 active monitors broadcasting ads and content.

Advertisers can run 7.5 or 15 second ads and can broadcast their advertisement daily, monthly, or annually. All monitors are set up for traditional ad buying as well as programmatic ad placement via Vistar and other emerging platforms. The monitors are purposely running in a vertical format, similar to a cell phone, to easily tie into social media messaging.

“We are the ideal programmatic platform because we offer a coveted one to one viewing opportunity to a captive, gender-specific audience through an attractive digital medium,” Jacobson explains. “This same audience has disposable income and are out in their communities leading very active lifestyles.”

Unique Franchise Opportunity

Jacobson is excited about offering a first of its kind digital billboard franchise opportunity for local entrepreneurs and sales driven individuals. Franchisee benefits include a low cost of entry and multiple revenue streams. All participating venues receive the entire digital installation for free.

“This is a win-win-win for our franchisees, advertising clients, and venue partners,” Jacobson says. “Entrepreneurs can quickly develop their own digital media billboard business, local and national companies can showcase their products and services to a specific market, and the venues can promote upcoming specials and events directly to their guests.”

About Tony Jacobson

Jacobson has been a pioneer of the non-traditional out of home advertising industry since 1987 when he co-founded AJ Indoor, a firm that placed print advertising signage in restrooms. He sold the company in 2000, after building it into the country’s largest indoor advertising provider.

In 2002, he founded AllOver Media. As AOM’s CEO, he quickly built it into one of the nation’s largest and most respected non-traditional Out of Home media companies, boasting multiple unique and proprietary media products. In 2015, Jacobson sold AOM to a private equity firm and began working on a digital software platform that could be networked across the country.

Jacobson purchased back all of AllOver Media’s indoor markets in 2019, rebranding them as Social Indoor. The Twin Cities corporate territory now has over 12,000 print and digital ad faces available in nearly 500 bars and restaurants, making it the largest indoor network in the country.

“I am beyond excited about this new venture,” Jacobson says. “There’s nothing out there like it and the digital industry only shows signs of expanding.”

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