Shepherd Goods Lamb Chops Announces Timberwolves Collection Launch at Target Center

Shepherd Goods Lamb Chops Timberwolves Collection

(Minneapolis, MN) — January 18, 2024  — Shepherd Goods Lamb Chops, the renowned Minnesota-based fashion brand, is thrilled to announce the launch of its highly anticipated new collection. Set to debut January 18, this release marks a full-circle moment for the brand, celebrating its deep roots in Minnesota and its journey from die-hard fandom to a collaboration.

The upcoming collection, which will be available at the Target Center, the home of the Minnesota Timberwolves, represents a significant milestone for the brand. This partnership not only highlights Shepherd Goods Lamb Chops’ commitment to local sports and community but also underscores the brand’s innovative approach to fashion.

Jordan Dye, Founder of Shepherd Goods Lamb Chops, and Keenan Burton, Creative Director, jointly expressed their excitement about the upcoming launch. ‘This collection is a testament to our growth and passion,’ said Dye. Burton added, ‘Collaborating on this project has been an incredible journey. Showcasing our work at the Target Center, a symbol of Minnesota’s vibrant sports culture, is truly a full circle moment for us.’

The collection promises to showcase the brand’s signature blend of quality, uniqueness, and attention to detail. Fans and fashion enthusiasts alike can expect an array of items that stay true to the brand’s ethos of ‘Leading The Herd’ in style and innovation.

For more information about the collection and the event, please visit or follow Shepherd Goods Lamb Chops on social media at @sglambchops.


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