Rob Greer Secures Amazon Best-Seller Status with “Empathy and Understanding In Business,” Co-Authored with Chris Voss

Rob Greer “Empathy and Understanding In Business”


(Oakdale, MN) —  January 13, 2024 — Rob Greer, an accomplished entrepreneur, has collaborated with renowned author Chris Voss and other accomplished professionals worldwide to co-author the highly acclaimed book, Empathy and Understanding In Business, published by SuccessBooks®. The eagerly anticipated book made its grand entrance into the literary world on January 4th, 2024.

Following its release, Empathy and Understanding In Business swiftly climbed the ranks on Amazon’s best-sellers charts, achieving best-seller status in direct marketing, sales, and selling, as well as the Entrepreneur category. Not only did it achieve these remarkable milestones, but it also proudly secured the coveted #1 New Release spot in four distinct categories. This extraordinary success underscores the widespread recognition and enthusiastic reception this groundbreaking book has garnered within the business and entrepreneurial community, solidifying its position as a must-read for professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs alike.

Rob’s captivating chapter, titled “Connecting The Dots,” emerged as a cornerstone of the book’s extraordinary success.

Meet Rob Greer:

Rob Greer’s entrepreneurial journey began with hands-on experience in the family truck parts business and farming, fostering a deep connection with nature and animal care, including raising horses and cattle. Seeking a different path from shoe sales, he ventured into pest control sales in 2001, supporting his university studies and a two-year service mission in Santiago de Chile, where he became fluent in Spanish.

After earning a Business Management degree with a marketing emphasis from BYU, Rob, along with partners Lenny Gray and McKay Bodily, launched a Rove Pest Control branch in Minnesota. Rob played a crucial role in expanding Rove Pest Control from one branch to five. His focus on team member development, public health awareness, and aligning services with community needs has shaped a culture centered on giving. This philosophy is rooted in Education, Preparation, Investigation, and Completion principles.

In 2010, Rob embarked on a remarkable health journey, shedding 75 pounds over 12 years while developing a passion for ultra-running, obstacle-course racing, and rock climbing. His achievements include sub-24-hour hundred-mile races, 80 miles at World’s Toughest Mudder, and a top-five finish in a 314-mile race across Tennessee.

Recent years have seen Rob conquering climbing challenges, scaling Devil’s Tower, Grand Teton, and various crags. Annually, he embarks on a weeklong, self-supported journey, running across a state with only his running pack as a reminder of resilience and the willingness of strangers to help.

Rob’s expertise extends to contributions as a subject matter expert for the MN Dept of Agriculture, the EPA, and the Quality Pro Customer Service Credential Task Force. He has also testified in the MN state legislature as a State Policy Affairs Representative.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Rob is a dedicated husband and father of three. He serves as the president of the Minnesota Pest Management Association Board and supports the charitable nonprofit organization, Fostering Love Project, which aids children entering foster care and their caregivers.

Rob’s passion for teaching and coaching shines through as he mentors girls’ cross-country teams at Stillwater High School and provides personal coaching in running, career development, and business growth. Additionally, he serves as a youth leader and mentor through church and community programs.

Rob continues his entrepreneurial family legacy, serving as a principal of Keen Development, Spring Shores Lodge, Aspen Shores Lodge, Door-to-Door Millionaire, LMR Holdings, and 13 Seasons, in addition to his role at Rove Pest Control.

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