Raising the Playoff Stakes For Charity

Big League Big Giveback Challenge

(Minnesota) — Oct 7th, 2023 —  Across Minnesota, Twins fans are celebrating the 2023 playoff season — and now the state’s own Schneiderman’s Furniture is giving Minnesotans another reason to celebrate.

Schneiderman’s Furniture is harnessing Minnesotans’ Twins vs. Astros playoffs excitement for good by giving back to worthy causes — and encouraging some good-spirited competition in doing so.

It’s called the Big League Big Giveback Challenge. While Minnesota’s and Texas’s MLB teams face off for victory, the states’ home furnishings leaders will face off for charity. Schneiderman’s Furniture has made a friendly wager with their “frenemy” Howell Furniture of Astros territory.

The details of their challenge? To mark the occasion, each retailer will donate $5,000 to the nonprofits of the other’s choice — and the winning team’s hometown nonprofits will receive an extra $5,000 from the opposing team’s hometown retailer, for a total donation of $10,000.

Here in Twins territory, Schneiderman’s Furniture is representing the Parkinson’s Disease Research Center at the University of Minnesota. Meanwhile in Astros territory, Howell Furniture represents their local chapters of the American Cancer Society and Gift of Life Marrow Registry.

Who will come out on top? That’s to be decided on the field. No matter who takes home the victory, though, all of these worthy nonprofits will go home winners.



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