Prince Alumni Michael Bland and Sonny T Make Their First Musical Statement as (BR)OTHERS

Prince Alumni (BR)OTHERS

Photo by Neil Schooner



New single “(Br)other” from new duo (BR)OTHERS (featuring Michael Bland and Sonny T of The New Power Generation) drops 4.19.24

(Minneapolis, MN) — March 20, 2024  — Michael Bland and Sonny T spent 7 years from 1989 to 1996 playing and recording with Prince & The New Power Generation. They’ve remained close friends and worked together on numerous projects ever since. From the French pop star France Gall to Nick Jonas & the Administration, the powerhouse rhythm section worked with many big name artists.

Prince once said that Michael and Sonny were like aliens that came down to Earth in the same pod. They were two of a kind and their bond was strong. This comment was the inspiration for the sci fi-esque name (BR)OTHERS and lended to the outer space imagery of this new project.

Born and raised in Minneapolis, Michael has always been known as the musical genius drummer who has perfect pitch and knows every other musician’s part as well as his own. His extreme talent and work ethic landed him gigs with Paul Westerberg, Mandy Moore, Clay Aiken, and Backstreet Boys. He has been the drummer of Soul Asylum since 2005.

Back in the 1970s Sonny was a member of the Minneapolis bands Back to Black and The Lewis Connection. Prince, who highly admired Sonny as a musician and performer played guitar and sang backing vocals on the Sonny’s composition “Got To Be Something Here.”

For the first time, fans of Michael and Sonny get to hear their combined voices and new original music. This is their own unique creative statement as they team up with Hygh Tension Records (The Label Group/Virgin Music Group) to release this new music. This new label was founded by Bland’s bandmate Ryan Smith from Soul Asylum. Their debut single “(Br)other” will be released world-wide Friday, April 19th 2024.


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