Phillips & Temro Industries Launches FreezArmor – A New Brand of Residential and Commercial Warming Products

PTI FreezArmor


Electrification of everyday tools and the growing use of Lithium-Ion batteries demand new solutions to help protect investments, maximize tool performance and provide convenience in cold weather.”  — Tom Moser, President, Phillips & Temro Industries

(Eden Prairie, MN) — January 31, 2023  — Phillips & Temro Industries® (PTI) announced the launch of its new brand, FreezArmor™. FreezArmor brand products are made for professional and personal use, to maintain lithium-ion batteries at optimal charging temperatures. FreezArmor products are Proudly Made in the USA.

The launch of FreezArmor increases the breadth of PTI’s heating solutions that maximize equipment performance and reliability in cold and harsh weather conditions. The FreezArmor heating technology is made with a unique material that is virtually indestructible and withstands being cut, punctured, and twisted without losing its heating ability.

Cordless power tool manufacturers recommend lithium-Ion batteries will not or should not be charged at temperatures below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, to ensure product performance and longevity. However, it is not always possible to charge or store batteries at that temperature at construction sites or in unheated home garages.

The heating capability of FreezArmor products in cold weather provides a convenience not currently found in the marketplace. The heated bag and warming pad safely maintain temperatures above 40 degrees Fahrenheit when ambient temperatures are too cold for lithium-ion batteries to charge. The heated bag also is thermostatically controlled to shut off before it gets too warm.

With the increased use of cordless power tools, lawn, and snow removal equipment, protecting those investments and maximizing performance is a smart decision. “Over our 100-year history, PTI has continued to evolve to meet ever-changing market trends and customer needs. Electrification of our everyday tools combined with the growing use of Lithium-Ion batteries demand new solutions to help our customers protect their investments, maximize tool performance, and provide convenience in cold weather. We are excited to bring the FreezArmor products to market to address these new needs.” said Tom Moser, President, Phillips & Temro Industries

FreezArmor heated bags and FreezArmor warming pads are available for purchase through the company’s website links at

About Phillips & Temro Industries

Phillips & Temro Industries (PTI) is a company with a rich 100-year-plus history as a global OEM and aftermarket provider of custom-engineered thermal and electrical solutions. Trucking, automotive, off-road vehicles, power generation, and electric vehicle charging are just a few of the diverse markets that benefit from PTI’s heating, cooling, and electrification systems. PTI’s future is focused on the continued evolution of engines and new energy vehicles as the company continues to provide solutions that maximize equipment performance, reliability, and safety. PTI’s portfolio of industry-leading brands, includes Zerostart®, Arctic Fox®, Idle Free® Systems, Truflo™, EVOCHARGE® and FreezArmor™.




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