Pet-Lovers Connect on Innovative New Dating App Petmeet

New Dating App Petmeet


(Minneapolis, MN) — January 3, 2024  — Petmeet: Pets, Dates and Friends, a pioneering new dating and friendship app for pet owners, launched today on iOS and Android. Petmeet offers pet enthusiasts a unique way to bond over their shared passion while discovering romantic connections.

On Petmeet: Pets, Dates & Friends, users create profiles featuring photos and stories about their beloved pets. The app’s proprietary matching algorithm then suggests potential matches based on shared interests, personalities, lifestyles, and other factors. Once matched, pet owners can chat and learn more about each other through the lens of pet parenthood before deciding if they’d like to meet in person.

“Pet ownership says so much about a person,” said a spokesperson for Petmeet: Pets, Dates & Friends. “The bonds we form with our pets reveal our capacity for responsibility, empathy, and unconditional love. At Petmeet, we celebrate these powerful connections while bringing together people who understand that pets are family.

“What sets Petmeet: Pets, Dates & Friends apart from other dating apps is its focus on pets as the starting point for every match. Relationships based on mutual interests and values—like pet ownership—tend to be more successful long-term.”

Some key features of the app include:

• Pawsome Profiles featuring photos and stories about users’ pets
• A proprietary matching system that connects pet lovers
• Pet-friendly chat rooms for making connections
• Curated date ideas for pet owners

“Petmeet: Pets, Dates & Friends stands out from other pet-focused communities and dating platforms by recognizing that lasting bonds often arise from shared passions and experiences,” said the spokesperson. “Our platform celebrates the love stories between pet owners and their pets, leading to connections that are truly paw-fect.”

Petmeet: Pets, Dates & Friends is available for free download on the App Store and Google Play Store. For more information, visit or follow @petmeet_official on Instagram and TikTok.

About Petmeet: Pets, Dates & Friends

Petmeet LLC is a Minneapolis-based startup dedicated to helping pet owners connect. The company’s flagship offering, Petmeet, is an innovative dating and friendship app that brings together people through their shared love of pets. Petmeet’s world-class team of developers, designers, and pet enthusiasts strive to create welcoming, safe spaces that celebrate the joy pets bring into our lives.


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