Pay for Your Vasque Boots with Time Away from Tech 

Vasque Boots Log Outside

The footwear brand launches ‘Log Outside’ as a shift in brand alignment that delivers both a tagline and campaign

(Red Wing, MN) — March 21, 2023  — Vasque Footwear is out to inspire people to find reprieve from the everyday, every day – and a major barrier that stands between us and the outdoors is technology. While we all love our digital devices, as they enable us to explore worlds we’d never see otherwise and connect with people far away, we believe that being connected so constantly can drain us.  By stepping outside, we can change how we feel on the inside. As the brand launches the ‘Log Outside’ platform, Vasque will inspire people to mindfully get outside every day. Because nothing has the power to brighten our days, uplift our moods, and refresh our days quite like the touch of sunlight on our faces.

The average American spends seven hours each day in front of a screen. With ‘Log Outside,’ Vasque is out to change that. On March 18th, the brand launched the Log Outside Project at a Boulder, Colorado regional park with the simple offer – spend an hour enjoying the outdoors without your device and when you return, Vasque will gift you a new pair of hiking boots. All in, Vasque empowered more than 300 hours of time spent disconnected in the outdoors in a single day. And we’re confident that this is only the beginning of millions more hours to come.

“The brand has stood for the ideals of ‘Log Outside’ since 1964 – this is just the latest iteration of what we’ve always stood for,” said Joe Peters, marketing director at Vasque Footwear. “We’ve found that a major barrier that stands between our consumers and finding time outside can be found on screens. Going forward, we will not only make world-class footwear that performs outside, but we’ll utilize our platforms to ensure we’re providing invitations to ourselves and our consumers that there are places just beyond your screen that can provide us all with restorative qualities that we won’t find on our feeds.”

The ‘Log Outside’ message will continue to show up across every touchpoint with the brand. Traditional landing pages will stop customers in their tracks, inviting them to simply put down their device and go outside. Social channels will provide users with a refreshing moment of reprieve from their feeds and Vasque will urge followers to not ‘like’ their posts entering for a chance to win local State Park passes.

View the Log Outside platform and campaign video at

About Vasque: Vasque Footwear has delivered functional, durable footwear to millions of outdoor enthusiasts since 1964. We believe that you don’t have to go far to change your perspective. By simply stepping outside we can change how we feel on the inside. When we disconnect, we reconnect. Vasque Footwear – Trail Footwear Since 1964. Visit us at

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